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Junior & Senior Curriculum

Junior Curriculum (Year 9 and 10)

In Year 9 and 10, our curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation across the five core subjects of English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Social Science. To complement these core subjects, students can select a variety of optional disciplines from subject areas such as Technology, Arts, Language, and Business and Management.

The aim is to encourage our students to experience a diversity of subject fields that enable them to make more informed subject choices for subsequent years. Students at junior level are encouraged to be passionate independent learners who are self-motivated.

Senior Curriculum (Year 11 to 13 / NCEA Level 1 to 3)

From Year 11, students will enter into National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level system. The NCEA qualification provides rigorous and much more explicit information about student’s achievement and their individual learning outcome.

In each subject, skills and knowledge will be assessed against a number of standards, and each school will use a range of internal and external assessments to measure how well students meet these standards. When students achieve a standard, they will gain a number of credits. Students must obtain a certain number of credits to gain an NCEA Certificate.

There are three levels of NCEA Certificate and generally students work through Levels 1 to 3 from Year 11 to 13, but these can be gained over more than one year.

All students are encouraged to pursue high achievement level by gaining NCEA with Merit or NCEA with Excellence. When students perform consistently above the ‘Achieved’ level, their results can be ‘endorsed’ to reflect the high level of commitment and academic excellence. This is recognised through Endorsement Certificates awarded at each level and in each course.

At NCEA Level 3, students will need to obtain a certain number of credits in approved subjects, plus literacy and numeracy, to gain University Entrance requirement.

NCEA qualification is recognised and accepted internationally which allows New Zealand students to pursue tertiary studies around the world.

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