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Fees & Donations

Financial Contribution

Your financial contribution, by way of voluntary donation, helps Howick College provide the resources necessary to enhance student learning. These resources are not fully funded by the Ministry of Education Operations Grant, but are critical to ensuring our students are provided with the best possible learning environment and opportunities:

  • Maintenance of ICT infrastructure to ensure all students and teachers can access online learning;

  • Employing additional Guidance Counsellors and Youth Workers to support the wellbeing of our students;

  • Equipping our Health Centre with a registered nurse onsite and fully operational facilities similar to that of a medical centre;

  • Improving classrooms and school facilities to provide an optimal learning environment for our students;

  • Funding of library resources;

  • Providing sporting equipment and musical instruments


Your generosity makes a significant difference in providing resources and equipment for our students. We encourage all parents and caregivers to support Howick College by making their financial contribution of $300 per student or $550 for two or more students.

If preferred, payments can be made in instalments to suit. All donations are receipted and are tax deductible (33.3% of your total donation, up to the same amount of your taxable income during the tax year, can be claimed).


In order to maintain our reputation for providing a quality learning experience for our students, we ask parents and caregivers to contribute towards essential course related and co-curricular costs that are not fully funded by the Government.


Curriculum: Some courses, in particular specialist subjects at senior levels, incur fees for materials and equipment. In addition, many subjects offer field trips and camps as part of the curriculum, which incur costs for transportation, accommodation and entrance fees. Families may elect not to participate, but we do encourage student involvement as these activities will enhance their learning experience.


Co-Curriculum: Students may choose to participate in sporting, cultural and other co-curricular activities to enrich their school life. Many co-curricular activities will have associated costs such as, tournament registration, festival entry, team uniforms, performance costumes, transportation, accommodation etc. Howick College actively seeks funding and grants from external organisations to help partially subsidise these costs, however, students and families who participate in these activities will be required to contribute towards the costs.

To Make a Payment

Payments can either  be made in person at the Cashier's Office or see bank details below if you would prefer to use direct credit.

Howick College Bank Account Number - 12 3011 0160054 03

Please use the student's ID number as a reference when making payments so it can be correctly coded.

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