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Arts & Culture

Arts and cultural activities provide the opportunity for our students to enrich their experience and develop a sense of belonging while building both leadership capabilities and social competencies. Students are supported in the development of their individual skills and talent while learning to interact constructively with others as they work towards a common goal. All students are encouraged to participate in cultural and/or performing arts groups.

Performing Arts

Howick College is proud of its reputation in the performing arts and our students are passionate about their creative pursuits.  Student achievement is frequently celebrated at various drama productions, public performances and showcase events.


Major productions are run biennially at Howick College with various year level productions performed throughout the year. Students are heavily involved in all aspects of these productions, from acting and directing roles to set and costume design as well as the technical aspects of lighting and sound. Our students have received numerous awards for their productions and individual performances at various festivals and competitions, such as the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival and the Auckland Live Showdown Awards.


Dance students regularly participate in a variety of festivals and contests, such as YouDance and the Hip Hop International World Dance Championship, claiming national and international titles and awards. Some of our former students have gone on to pursue a professional career in dance and are now performing and choreographing for international pop icons.


Music students are able take individual instrument or vocal lessons with an itinerant music teacher during school time and can participate in music groups such as the Orchestra, Jazz Band and Choir. Students have many opportunities to showcase their talent, from performing at the KBB Music Festival and concerts held at the Uxbridge Arts & Culture Centre for our local community, to playing at school awards ceremonies and drama productions.

Cultural Groups

Howick College proudly embraces the vibrant cultural diversity that makes up our community. We encourage students of all ages and ethnicities to take part in a cultural group to strengthen their relationship with the school and to celebrate their own cultural identity and the cultures of others. Student involvement in our Kapa Haka and Pasifika groups has increased significantly over recent years which has seen them perform at the College Po Fiafia, Koanga Festival and represent the College at the annual ASB Polynesian Festival.

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