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Health Centre

The Health Centre has an open-door policy and provides access for all students to seek professional, supportive, and culturally sensitive medical care and assistance.

If students are feeling unwell during class, they will need to obtain a permission slip from their classroom teacher to go to the Health Centre, or students can choose to drop-in during interval or lunchtime.


The nurse will assess the student's health and, if necessary, contact the parents/caregivers for their consent to send the student home. If contacted by the nurse to pick up their child, parents can collect the student from the Health Centre and sign them out of school. Students are NOT to contact the parents/caregivers directly themselves.


Howick College Health Centre offers the following services

  • First aid

  • Assessment and care if illness occurs at school

  • Medication administration as required

  • Emergency referrals

  • Management of chronic conditions – diabetes, asthma

  • Sports injuries

  • Health promotion, prevention and education

  • Alcohol & substance abuse referral

  • Weight management referral

  • Physical and emotional support/counselling referral

  • Asthma Clinic

  • Sexual Health referral

  • Physiotherapy - by appointment only for ACC related injuries

  • Resource information

  • Collaboration with outside health providers


Physiotherapy Service (Free under ACC)

A physiotherapist is available at the school most weekdays by appointment. Students who have injured themselves at school or at home are welcome to book an appointment with our physiotherapist onsite.


Consent forms can be filled out at the Health Centre (students under the age of 16 will need parental consent). An appointment will then be made during school hours.

Medication Support

Should medication administration support be required at school, please contact the nurse to arrange completion of a Parental Consent Form prior to the medication being provided.

Our Service is Private and Confidential

There are three exceptional circumstances that additional help maybe required

  • If you are harming yourself;

  • If someone is harming you;

  • If you are currently or intend to, harm someone else.


Should one of these situations arise, there will be a discussion with the student regarding who else needs to be involved in order to keep the student and/or others safe.

Health Centre Hours

Monday to Friday  

8:30am to 3:20pm

Health Centre Contacts


Mrs Jo Smal

School Nurse

Mrs C Naidoo (Registered Nurse/DipGN)

534 4492 ext. 889

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