The Howick College library aims to provide all students with a range of learning opportunities, tools and resources, both printed and electronic, that cater to their diverse needs, interests and abilities. Through their learning, students will not only develop their information and print literacy, they will continue to grow their interest in, and enthusiasm for, reading for pleasure.

The New Zealand Curriculum Framework (Ministry of Education 1993) acknowledges that students' learning opportunities are affected by a range of factors including 'access to resources' and that teaching should be 'supported by resources of the highest possible quality'. 


The school library can affect students' achievement in many ways: it is a fundamental resource for students, and it also gives them access to other learning resources, tools and opportunities, according to The School Library and Learning in the Information Landscape: Guidelines for New Zealand Schools 2002.


Library Hours

Monday to Friday

8:30am to 3:30pm

Services & Facilities                   

Online Catalogue: Students can browse the Howick College Library Catalogue. The catalogue is available 24/7.


Binding Service: Assignments can be unibound for between $2.00 and $2.50, depending on their thickness. We can also laminate up to A3 size posters and charts: A4 size costs $1.00 and A3 size costs $2.00


Copying/Printing: The library has two colour photocopiers/printers available for student use. Students receive a $5.00 credit for copying/printing at the start of each of school term. Students can purchase additional printing credit at the library.


Library staff are available to explain how the copying and printing facilities work. Students need to log-on to these machines with their school network username and password.