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Literacy & Numeracy

As part of NCEA, students must pass literacy and numeracy co-requisites. These are assessments ensure that all students have the required levels of literacy and numeracy to successfully participate in, and achieve NCEA. 

A student must pass these co-requisites to be awarded NCEA at any level. 

Until 2023, the co-requisites were integrated into the assessments students undertook across the curriculum. Now, they are stand-alone tests for numeracy, reading and writing. These tests are offered twice yearly (May and September) at school and then marked by NZQA. Once a student passes, they are not required to take the tests again. If a student does not pass on the first attempt, they will have two opportunities every year until they leave. 

If a student has already passed one or both of the co-requisites under the old or new system, they do not need to retake the co-requisites.

Students can check if they already have the literacy and numeracy co-requisites in the NCEA section of the Portal.

Co-requisites Assessments in 2024

  • All Year 10 students will attempt the tests during their regular timetable mathematics and English (or equivalent) courses in Week 4 of Term 2.  Please click here to view the Literacy and Numeracy Co-requisite Test Timetable 

  •  Senior students who have not yet attempted or achieved the co-requisite will receive a personalized timetable detailing the sessions they must attend during Weeks 4 and 5 of Term 3. 

  • Students with Special Assessment Conditions (SACs) will be contacted individually regarding how they will be accommodated. 


If a caregiver or student has any concerns about the co-requisite tests or their progress, they should contact their mathematics or English teacher in the first instance.

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