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Senior Leadership Team

Mr I Ropati - Principal ( Secondment Leave)

Dr P Bennett - Acting  Principal

Ms T Filipo - Acting Associate Principal 

Mr A Bannister - Deputy Principal (Year 10)

Mr L Doubleday - Deputy Principal (Year 12)


Mr M Thomas - Deputy Principal (Year 11)

Mrs J Wright - Deputy Principal (Year 9)

Mrs L Mackereth - Executive Secretary

Ms J Roshan - Director of Community Development

Mr M Stanghan - Business Manager


Ms A Marsick - Senior (Year 13) Dean

Mrs D Fenner - Dean of Bacot House

Mrs D Beresford - Co-Dean of Bell House

Mrs N Sundrum - Dean of Ingham House

Ms E Jones - Dean of Irvine House

Ms S Petkovic - Dean of MacDonald House

Mr M Hodson - Co-Dean of Minerva House

Mrs S Layec - Dean of International Students

Ms B Kingston - Assistant Dean of Bacot House

Mr C Dryden - Co-Dean of Bell House

Ms R Prakash - Assistant Dean of Ingham House

Ms K Hayter - Assistant Dean of Irvine House

Ms C Hargreaves - Assistant Dean of MacDonald House

Mrs K Gillett - Co-Dean of Minerva House

Business Studies

Mrs D Reyneke - HOD Business Studies

Ms L Fapiano - TIC Economics

Miss B Baker - Business Studies


Mrs A du Plessis - Business Studies

Mrs J McArthur - Accounting / Business Studies


Mrs A Botha - HOLA English

Mr C Jack - Assistant HOD English

Mr T Stacey - TIC Junior English

Miss R Pedersen - TIC Classical Studies, English

Mr B Uy - TIC Media Studies, English

Miss B Baker - Media Studies

Ms D Beresford - English

Mrs L Brown - English

Ms S Church - English

Mr S Dymond - English

Mrs N Fensham - English

Expressive Arts

Mrs J Dryden - HOLA Expressive Arts / HOD Drama

Mr A Harman - HOD Visual Arts and Photography

Mr M O'Ryan - HOD Music

Mrs G Thomas - TIC Dance

Miss R Atkinson - Dance

Mrs G Jamieson - Drama

Ms S O’Grady - Visual Arts

Mr J Sarah - Visual Arts

Mr T Liu - Visual Arts

Ms E Allen - Itinerant Music Teacher (violin, viola)

Mr H Arthur - Itinerant Music Teacher (Jazz Band, brass)

Mr A Elmsly - Itinerant Music Teacher (cello, double bass)

Ms C Gilfillan - Itinerant Music Teacher (voice, choir)

Mr A Morrison - Itinerant Music Teacher (guitar)

Mr T 'Ofamooni - Itinerant Music Teacher (drums)

Mr C Pascalls - Itinerant Music Teacher (saxophone, clarinet)

Mr A Young - Itinerant Music Teacher 

Mrs D Szopa - Arts Co-ordinator       

Health and Physical Education

Mr J Kumate - HOLA Health and PE 

Mr A Thompson - Assistant HOLA Health and PE

Ms E Jones - Director Sport in Education (SIE)

Mr J Wright - HOD Outdoor Education

Mrs C Simpson - TIC Health

Mr R Stretch - TIC OPES

Ms J Breen - Health and Pe

Mr C Dryden - Health and PE

Mrs K Gillett - Health and PE


Ms C Hargreaves - Health and PE

Ms R Hartley - Health and PE

Mr M Hodson - Health and PE

Mr S Muirson - Health and PE, OED

Miss S Richards - Health and PE

Mrs D Rossouw - Health and PE

Mrs H Tapara - Health and PE

Mrs G Thomas - Health and PE

Mr M Thomas - Health and PE


Whaea E Biddle-Robinson - HOD Te Reo Maori 

Ms G Santosuosso - TiC French, Spanish



Mrs S Kuar - HOLA Maths

Mrs A Machin - Asst. HOLA Maths/TIC Year 11 Maths

Mr J Gamiao - TIC Calculus

Miss H Kim - TIC Junior Maths

Mr J Anderson - Maths

Mrs A Blignaut - Maths

Ms L Bowers - Maths

Ms L Carse - Maths

Mr A Chi - Maths

Mr A Heuer - Maths

Mr J Joseph - Maths

Ms N Kallwass - Maths

Ms M Kaur - Maths

Mrs P Kaur - Maths

Ms L Winchester - Maths

Mr M Zeng - Maths


Mr R Henty - HOLA Science

 Ms K Clearwater - Asst. HOLA Science/HOD Biology

Ms F Aiyaaz - HOD Chemistry

Mr A Heuer - HOD Physics

Mrs F Al-Obidi - Science

Ms L Allen - Science

Mr M de Leeuw - Science

Mrs S Duffell - Science

Ms K Hayter - Science

Mr E Hills - Science, Biology


Ms M Kaur - Science

Mr B Machin - Science, Physics

Mrs R Prakash - Science, Chemistry

Miss A Prasad - Science, Biology

Ms A Price - Science

Ms F Rankin - Science

Ms L Ward - Science

Mr J Wing - Science, Chemistry

Mr I Wu - Science, Physics

Social Sciences

Mrs K Mitchell - HOLA Social Sciences, HOD History

Mrs S De Vos - Assistant HOLA Social Sciences

Ms P Urwin - HOD Geography

Whaea K Bisset - TIC Sociology, Social Sciences

Miss R Atkinson - Social Sciences, History

Mr A Bannister - Social Sciences

Ms T Earl - Social Sciences

Mr M Elling - Social Sciences, Sociology

Mr N Kerr - Social Sciences, Geography, Tourism

Ms B Kingston - Social Sciences, History

Ms H Lightfoot - Social Sciences, Tourism

Ms A Marsick - Social Sciences, Sociology

Ms J Wallace - Social Sciences

Mr D Win - Social Studies, Sociology

Ms T Woodmass - Social Sciences


Mr R Mishra - HOLA Technology/HOD Electronics

Mr D Kenway - Asst. HOLA Tech/HOD Resistant Materials

Mrs J MacCallum - HOD Food Technology

Mrs R Roberts - HOD Hospitality

Mr C Slough - TIC Engineering, Resistant Materials

Mr W du Toit - TIC Building Construction Pathway

Mr S Thompson - TIC Design and Visual Communication

Mr R Rounds - TIC Digital Technology

Mrs B Spencer - TIC Early Childhood Education

Mrs E Hoskin - TIC Textiles

Mrs P Chandra - Food Technology, Hospitality

Mrs D Fenner - Design and Visual Communication

Mrs P Liang - Digital Technology

Mrs N Metcalfe - Textiles

Ms S McKellar - Food Technology

Mr I Moses - Resistant Materials Technology

Mr N Raj - Resistant Materials Technology

Student Services

Health and Counselling Centre                             

Ms D Agnew - HOD Counselling

Mr D Finn - Counsellor

 Ms R Sharma - Counsellor

Mrs K Coleman - Reception                                                 

Mrs C Naidoo - School Nurse

Careers Department

Mrs M van Daatselaar - HOD Careers

Mrs L Matthews-Ward - Careers Adviser

Mrs C Simpson - Gateway Administrator                                    Mrs T Hoddle - Receptionist / STAR Co-ordinator


Ms S King - Library Manager

 Mrs J Ryan - Librarian

Learner Support

Mrs C Jaffar - Director of Support Services

Ms H Henkin - Teacher

Mrs L Nairn - Teacher 

Miss H Ryan - Teacher

Mrs B Saini - Teacher

Mr S Dymond - Learning Support Co-ordinator

Ms N Slamat - Learning Support Co-ordinator

Ms M Tupper - Learning Support Co-ordinator 

Ms A Carter - Teacher Aide

Mrs G Davis - Teacher Aide

Ms A Devi - Teacher Aide

Mrs K Devonshire - Teacher Aide

Mrs G Gouldstone - Teacher Aide

Mr P McErlane - Teacher Aide

Ms K Ng - Teacher Aide

Ms C Ryan - Teacher Aide 

Mrs T September - Teacher Aide 


Mrs J Roshan - Director of International

Mrs S Layec - Dean of International

Mrs C Marris - Homestay Co-ordinator

Mrs T Liu-Reilly - International Assistant

Support Staff


Mrs L Mackereth - Executive Secretary / BOT Secretary

Mrs S Monoyoudis - PA to SLT/Deans

Mrs C Andrew - Student Office Administrator   

Mrs C Johnson - Student Office Administrator

Miss T Bellingham - Accounts Manager

Mrs M Anderson - Cashier                      

Mrs K Perry - Data Manager

Grounds Maintenance

Roger Hagglund - Caretaker

Community Development

Mrs V  Pickett - Marketing and Communications Manager

Ms C Growse - Community/Alumni Database Administrator

Mrs J Young - Trust Funding Administrator

Sports Department

Mrs A Sotutu - Director of Sport

Mrs T Parsons - Sports Co-ordinator

Mr W Tu'ipulotu - Sport Co-ordinator/Coach                  


Information Technology Services      

Mr R Douglas - Director of ICT

Mr E Cheng - Computer Technician

Ms S Valaboju - New Era Contractor


Mrs S Ballantyne - Technician (Food, Drama, Art)

Mr S McIntosh - Technical and Workshop Technician

Mrs D Minahan - Science Technician

Mrs V Tabunot - Science Technician


Resource Management

Mrs J Prowse - English/Language Administration