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Senior Leadership Team



(Acting Bell House Manager )


Associate Principal

(Minerva House Manager)


Deputy Principal

(Irvine House Manager)


Deputy Principal

(Bacot House Manager)

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Deputy Principal

(Ingham House Manager)


Deputy Principal

(Study Leave)


Deputy Principal

(MacDonald House Manager)


Executive Secretary


Business Manager


Ms A Marsick - Senior Dean (Year 13)

Mr M Elling -  Bacot House

Ms S Richard - Bacot House

Mr C Dryden - Bell House

Mrs D Rossouw - Bell House

Mrs N Sundrum - Ingham House

Ms P Hadley - Ingham House 

Ms A Rogerson -  Irvine House

Mr S Salmanpour - Irvine House

Whae H Rikihana - MacDonald House

Mr S Dymond -  MacDonald House

Mrs K Gillett - Minerva House

Mr K Martin - Minerva House

Ms L Winchester - International 

Business Studies

Mrs D Reyneke - HoD Business Studies

Ms L Fapiano - TiC Economics


Mrs A du Plessis - Business Studies

Mr S Salmanpour - Business Studies

Ms S Shen - Business Studies, Accounting


Mrs A Botha - HoLA English & Languages

Mr L Birt - Asst. HoLA English

Mr B Uy - TiC Media Studies, English              

Miss K McKeown - HoD Junior Integrated Curriculum

Miss R ParksHoD Junior Integrated Curriculum

Mr S Dymond - English

Ms E Fleet - English

Mr J Fowke - English

Ms M Gutierrez Ortuno - English


Mrs D Haikney - English

Ms N Leafberg - English

Mrs N Mala - English

Miss M Prasad - English, Media Studies

Mr O Quinn - English

Mrs S Sewparsad - English

Mrs N Sundrum - English

Mr M Thompson - Classical Studies, English

Ms J Zou - English

Expressive Arts

Mrs J Dryden - HoLA Expressive Arts / HoD Drama

Mr M O'Ryan - HoD Music

Ms S O’Grady - HoD Visual Arts

Miss R Atkinson - Acting TiC Dance 

Ms L Brittain - Dance, Drama

Ms P Hadley - Design, Photography

Ms A Rogerson - Dance, Drama

Ms S Shum - Visual Arts

Mrs G Thomas - Dance

Mr M Thompson - Music

Mrs D Szopa - Arts/Extra-Curricular Co-ordinator  


Part-time Specialist Music Teachers 

Mr H Arthur - Brass, Jazz Band

Ms R Clarke - Choir, Voice

Mr A Elmsly - Cello, Double bass

Ms S Goldsmith - Drums

Ms M Kao - Viola, Violin

Mr A Morrison - Guitar

Mr S O'Kane - Clarinet, Oboe

Mr A Young - Aural, Composition, Harmony

Health and Physical Education

Mr J Kumate - HoLA Health and PE 

Mr A Thompson - Assistant HoLA Health and PE

Mr J Wright - HoD Outdoor Education

Mrs C Simpson - HoD Health

Mr S Muirson - TiC OPES

Whae H Rikihana - TiC Athlete Development & Senior SiE

Mr C Dryden - Health and PE

Mrs K Gillett - Health and PE

Ms R Hartley - Health and PE

Mr C Hunn - Health and PE

Mrs E Jones - Health and PE

Ms S Parsons - Health and PE

Miss S Richards - Health and PE

Mrs D Rossouw - Health and PE

Mr M Thomas - Health and PE

Mr C H Van Rensberg - Health and PE, Outdoor Education


Whaea E Biddle-Robinson - HoD Te Reo Maori

 Mr S Alvarez Prado - TiC European Languages

Mr S Garratt - French


Mr R Henty - HoLA Science

Ms K Clearwater - Asst. HoLA Science/HoD Biology

Ms L Allen - Asst. HoLA Junior Integrated Curriculum

Ms F Aiyaaz - HoD Chemistry

Mr I Wu - HoD Physics

Mr E Hills - HoD Junior Integrated Curriculum 

Ms A Kumar - HoD Junior Integrated Curriculum

Ms A Price - HoD Junior Integrated Curriculum

Mrs F Al-Obidi - Science

Mrs J Alwin - Science

Mr D Chennoth - Science

Ms O Colenso - Science

Ms M Kaur - Science

Mr B Machin - Science, Physics

Mrs R Prakash - Science, Chemistry

Ms F Rankin - Science

Mrs S Radhakrishnan - Science

Mrs I Sharma - Science, Chemistry

Miss S Song - Science

Social Sciences

Ms L Siale - HoLA Social Sciences, HoD History

Mr M Elling - Asst. HoLA Social Sciences

Ms L Francks - HoD Jubior Integrated Curriculum

Mr B Singh - HoD Junior Integrated Curriculum

Ms P Urwin - HoD Geography

Miss C Rush - TiC Tourism

Miss R Atkinson - Social Sciences, History

Mr A Bannister - Social Sciences

Mr L Doubleday - Social Sciences

Ms T Earl - Social Sciences

Mr S Garratt - Social Sciences

Mr M Gosling - Social Sciences

Mrs D Haikney - Social Sciences

Ms A Marsick - Social Sciences, Sociology

Miss K Permessur - Social Studies, History

Mr A Piner - Social Sciences

Miss K Sarmiento - Social Sciences

Ms J Wallace - Social Sciences


Mr J Dunleavy - HoLA Technology

Mrs E Hoskin - Asst. HoLA Technology, TiC Textiles (on leave)

Mr K Martin - HoD Digital Visual Communications

Mrs R Roberts - HoD Hospitality

Mr R Rounds - HoD Digital Technology

Mrs H Willemse - HoD Food Science

Mr L Orpen - HoD Resistant Materials, TiC Building 

Mrs N Metcalfe - Acting TiC Textiles

Mrs B Spencer - TiC Early Childhood Education


Mr J Bennett - Resistant Materials Technology

Mr P Chand - Digital Technology

Mrs P Liang - Digital Technology

Ms S Prasad - Food Technology

Ms S Shivangani - Food Technology

Ms S Shum - Digital Visual Communication

Mr A Singh - Resistant Materials Technology

Mr S Van Der Merwe - Resistant Materials Technology


Student Support Services

Mrs C Jaffar - Director Student Support Services, HoD Learning Support

Health and Counselling Centre                                              Ms D Agnew - HoD Counselling

Miss L Jennings - Counsellor

Ms R Kassan - Counsellor

Ms S Mason - Counsellor

Mrs C Naidoo - School Nurse

Mrs J Smal - Health Centre Administration

Youth Workers  

Mr L Carter - Youth Worker

Ms H Kerrigan-Morley  - Youth Worker

Careers Department

Mrs P Fa'amalepe - HoD Careers 

Ms C Ryan - Gateway Coordinator

Miss L Montgomery - STAR Coordinator/Admin Assistant


Ms S King - Library Manager

Mrs J Ryan - Librarian

Learning Support

Mrs B Saini - HoD Junior Integrated Curriculum

Mr A Barrett - Learning Support Coordinator

Ms N Slamat - Learning Support Coordinator

Mrs L Nairn - Teacher 

Ms A Carter - Teacher Aide

Ms S Cronin - Teacher Aide

Mrs G Davis - Teacher Aide

Mrs R de Villiers - Teacher Aide

Mrs K Devonshire - Teacher Aide

Mrs G Gouldstone - Teacher Aide

Mrs M Koch - Teacher Aide

Language Support

Ms H Henkin - HoD Language Support

Ms Hazel Park - ESOL

Mr A Hancock - ESOL

International Department

Mrs L Crossley - Director of International Students

Miss E Weber - International Manager

Mrs T Mottershead - Homestay Coordinator

Ms L Winchester - International Dean

Ms C Growse - International Administrator

Administration & Support Staff


Mrs L Mackereth - Executive Secretary / BOT Secretary

Mrs S Monoyoudis - PA to SLT/Deans

Mrs C Andrew - Student Office Administrator   

Mrs C Johnson - Student Office Administrator

Miss T Bellingham - Accounts Manager

Mrs M Anderson - Cashier

Ms K Perry - Data Manager

Grounds Maintenance

Mr R Hagglund - Caretaker

Community Development

Mrs V Pickett - Marketing and Communications Manager

Mrs J Young - Trust Funding/Sponsorships Administrator

Sports Department

Mrs A Sotutu - Director of Sport

Mrs T Parsons - Sports Coordinator

Mr W Sotutu - Sports Coordinator, Rugby Programme Manager            


Information Technology Services      

Mr R Douglas - Director of ICT

Mr E Cheng - Computer Technician

Mr J Ludlow-Williams - New Era Contractor


Mrs E Hannaby - Food, Drama, Art

Mrs V Tabunot - Science 


Resource Management

Mrs J Prowse - English/Language Administration               


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