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Rotary Scholarship

Rotary Academic Scholarships for Year 9

With the generous support of Howick Rotary, Howick College is pleased to offer students who meet the In-Zone eligibility, the opportunity to apply for the Rotary Academic Scholarships. Applications are open to any Year 8 In-Zone students seeking enrolment in Year 9 at Howick College

Closing Date: All applications for 2025 must be recieved by 3:00pm on Friday 1 November, 2024

Scholarship Criteria

The successful candidates will have proven academic ability, have an excellent attitude towards learning and provide evidence of their positive contribution to their current school. These criteria will be considered when selecting three successful scholarship recipients. The selection panel’s decisions will be final.


Valued at $1,000 each, the scholarships can be used towards school uniform, subject materials, school fees, subject-related activities, trips and camps, digital device, and other educational resources. Payment will be credited to an account in the recipient’s name at the College. This fund will then be used for the purposes and items outlined above for as long as the student is enrolled at Howick College. The total amount drawn against the scholarship, over time, will not exceed the stated value of the scholarship awarded.

Selection Process

All details of the applicants will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Private information will be used only by the Scholarship Selection Panel.


A maximum of 20 in-zone applicants will be short-listed at the start of Term 4 in their Year 8 and they will be invited to sit a 2-hour written examination. Shortlisted applicants will be formally notified of the date and time of the exam.


A final shortlist of applicants will be based on the exam results. An interview with the shortlisted applicants will follow. These applicants will be formally notified of the time and date of the interview.


Successful scholarship recipients will be notified in writing within two weeks of the interviews being completed. They will then need to notify the School in writing of their acceptance within one week of receiving their offer of a scholarship.


Upon accepting the scholarship, Howick College will liaise with Howick Rotary and the recipients’ schools to have the scholarships presented jointly by a Rotarian and the Howick College Principal (or representative) at a suitable function at the recipients’ school(s).

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