Student Office

Located in the Administration Block, the Student Office is open to students everyday from 8:30am to 3:30pm for the following reasons:


Any student who is late to school must sign in at the Student Office before going to class. Students will need to provide a note or email form their parent/caregiver explaining their lateness. In situations where a student does not have a valid reason for being late, they will incur a lunchtime reflection.

Signing Out of School

For appointments during school hours, students will need to be signed out form the Student Office by a parent/caregiver. Students who are feeling unwell at school must go to the Health Centre to be assessed.


Students requiring a school locker must collect a Locker Contract form from the Student Office. The completed form and annual fee should then be taken to the cashier, after which a locker will be issued.

Lost Property

Any lost personal property should be reported to the Student Office. Please leave a detailed description with the office staff and you will be contacted should this item be found. Unnamed items will not be held indefinitely.

Replacement Identity Cards

Students who require a replacement ID card will need to pay the replacement cost to the cashier and then order their new card from the Student Office.

Blazer Hire

Premier sports team members can hire a school blazer from the Student Office for $70 for the season ($135 to purchase new from NZ Uniforms). Blazers must be returned at the end of the season.