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Our Expectations

The fundamental rule of the Howick College community is that all its members, staff, students and others, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and have their needs met in a safe learning environment. It is the responsibility of each individual to demonstrate our values of Courtesy, Commitment, Curiosity and Courage to ensure this occurs.


All students attending Howick College must adhere to the expectations of our school community and behave according to the high standards our school values reflect. The following guidelines outline our behavioural expectations:

  • At  Howick College we will NOT accept:

    • Inappropriate, abusive, or obscene language and/or behaviour;

    • Bullying, mocking, lying or stealing. This includes inappropriate text messaging and inappropriate use of social media;

    • Homophobic behaviour in any form including name calling, 'jokes' and harassment;

    • Hindering or discouraging others from learning.

  • Showing courtesy and respect for others is most important. This includes all interaction with other students, with teachers and non-teaching staff, and with all those in our community and the general public. 

  • Students are not to bring Howick College into disrepute by their actions or behaviour. This includes travelling to and from school, and outside normal school hours.

  • We are responsible for what others will inherit when they attend Howick College. Students are to respect the school grounds and all school property, this includes putting rubbish in the bin, and no marking of desks, walls, or tables.

  • Graffiti or inappropriate images are not permitted on anything the student brings to the College.

  • Smoking or vaping is forbidden on the way to and from school, during school or at any school event.

  • No use of mobile phone or other personal electronic devices are allowed during class time (except laptop devices that are needed for classroom learning). If a student is found using a personal electronic device, the device will be confiscated by the teacher and taken to the Student Office. The only person who can collect the item is the parent/caregiver, and item may be held by the Student Office until the end of term if it is confiscated a second time.

  • Everyone plays an important part in ensuring Howick College is a safe learning environment. Items that are unrelated to school activities and may cause danger to others must NOT be brought to school.


When enrolling at Howick College all parents, caregivers and students are required to read the following agreements and acknowledge that they understand and agree to the conditions stated within these agreements.






  • Students are to organise themselves to attend all classes and be punctual, including Tutor Group.

  • Students who are absent from Tutor Group with no valid reason, parents/caregivers will be emailed by the Tutor by 9.00am on the day.

  • Students who are unable to attend school due to illness, parents/caregivers must contact the School by emailing or a note from the parents/caregivers is to be handed in to the Student Office.

  • Students who need to be absent for one or more days because of special circumstances must bring a letter from the parent/caregiver to his/her House Dean to apply for an exemption at least two days beforehand.

  • Students who arrive after the second bell in the morning must bring a note from the parent/caregiver to explain why and report to the Student Office for a late pass. 

  • Students who arrive at any other time during the school day must bring a note from the parent/caregiver to explain why and report to the Student Office to have the note stamped before going to class.

  • Students who need to leave school anytime during the day or leave early before the end of the school day for appointment or any other reason must bring an appointment card or letter written and signed by a parent/caregiver to explain why and report to the Student Office to sign out before leaving school grounds. The appointment card or letter will be stamped with date and time and be used as Leave Pass. If students return back to school from an appointment, they must sign in at the Student Office and have the appointment card or letter stamped with the return time. We encourage parents/caregivers to make appointments for their children outside of school time.

  • ONLY Year 13 students may leave school grounds during their study periods, interval and lunchtime.


School Uniform
Students must wear the correct uniform to, from and at school. By correctly wearing the Howick College uniform appropriate to their year level, students demonstrate their pride to be part of the Howick College community (details on our uniform guidelines can be found under ‘Uniform & Stationery’).

If students arrive at school in incorrect uniform, they must report to the Student Office before school and follow these procedures:

  • If no acceptable reason is given for incorrect uniform or grooming or if a student persistently contravenes the uniform and grooming guidelines, they will be withdrawn from class until the student’s parents remedy the situation.

  • If a student is found wearing an incorrect item in the classroom or the grounds, the teacher will ask the student to remove the item, an after school reflection will be issued and the item will be stored securely in the Student Office until the end of term. Should the student choose to be uncooperative, the student will referred to their Dean or a SLT member. In such circumstances, further disciplinary actions may be taken.

  • If a student wears an item that cannot be removed, they will be immediately sent to their Dean or a SLT member who will supply work and supervise until the problem is remedied. The parents will also be informed of the situation by phone.

  • If a student requires a Permanent Uniform Permit to wear a non-uniform item, they must give the Dean the appropriate information, such as a letter from the parents and accompanying medical certificates or cultural evidence, and they will consult with the Associate Principal.

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