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Howick College prides itself in providing well rounded support and care for all students. With a great team of professional counsellors, students are assisted to explore and address personal challenges and concerns and are supported to find new solutions or ways of coping. Our team of counsellors are professionally trained and are full members of NZAC. They work according to the NZAC Code of Ethicsare trustworthy and respect individual student's confidentiality.


Students may seek counselling and support for the following reasons:

  • Difficulties at home/school

  • Low self-esteem

  • Bullying

  • Abuse

  • Grief

  • Anxiety

  • To make better informed decisions

  • Support in problem solving and finding resolutions

  • Feeling lost

  • Depression

  • Managing anger

  • Stress management


Whatever the issues or concerns may be, whether it is during term time or in the holiday breaks, our team of counsellors are available and willing to assist our students.

Making an appointment is easy, you can:

  • Come to the Counselling Centre and make direct contact with one of our counsellors 

  • Ask a parent, friend, tutor, teacher, dean, or any other staff member to make an appointment for you 

  • Email one of our counsellors directly by clicking on their name (see below for our full team)

Counselling Team

Donna Agnew (Head Counsellor)

Teresa Elder

Rachel Sharma

Depending on the situation and circumstances, the counsellors may also:

  • See the student on their own or with support people

  • Give the student information

  • Provide referrals for specific help

  • Act on the student's behalf with their consent

  • Facilitate mediation to resolve conflict

Help on the Internet

The internet also has some useful information about counselling and support for mental health issues. 

Here are some helpful sites that students and parents may find informative:

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