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Vision and Values

Our Vision


Howick College is an engaging and future-focused school committed to providing the widest range of academic and co-curricular opportunities for all students. We firmly believe in doing the best we can to meet individual student’s needs in a caring and supportive learning environment to enhance their educational experience.


Our vision, inspiring a community of passionate learners, recognises the powerful impact we can have on one another. Young people who are inspired will be the passionate leaders who will influence others and make a difference in their community. Inspiration is the key to awakening passion in learning, and in life; where there is passion, there is motivation to succeed. Our aim is to inspire each other, and to ensure our students’ journey at Howick College is enjoyable, exciting and rewarding.


Our framework for teaching and learning, along with the complementary Restorative Practice model, means our students receive high quality education where they are positively engaged with a curriculum that supports and strengthens their learning. With a strong focus on student wellbeing, which underpins the school’s educational vision, Howick College is committed to fostering each individual student’s present and future potential and to equip them with the life skills they need in this ever-changing world.


Our Values


Courtesy - We will be kind and respectful

Commitment - We will never give up

Curiosity - We will strive to understand

Courage - We will challenge ourselves

Howick College’s 4C values are reflected and embedded in the curriculum we deliver and permeate all aspects of school life on a daily basis for our students and staff. We nurture our culture of extraordinary care and consistently provide support to meet the needs of our students in academic, sporting, cultural and social aspects. Our young people are encouraged to strive for excellence and to be the best that they can be in carrying these core values with them not only in school, but in everything that they do in life.

A cohesive relationship within the Howick College community of students, parents, staff and alumni creates a sense of belonging within our wider community, where our actions are based on our core values to reach out and help others. This is evident in our students’ active involvement in community service groups and not-for-profit organisations to truly make a difference in our society.

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