Howick College is a BYOD school and all students are required to have access to their own BYOD device both at school and at home. Writing skills are not neglected and student use of the internet is filtered and monitored.

Howick College BYOD Device Requirements
  • iPads, tablets and Smart Phones are not acceptable

  • Chromebooks are acceptable

  • All devices must:

    • have a full keyboard

    • have an 11 inch or bigger screen

    • hold a charge for a full day (6 to 8 hours)

  • Windows Devices

    • Windows 7 Pro is the lowest level of operating systems the school supports

    • Windows 7 Home is not acceptable

    • Windows 10 is strongly preferred

Choosing the Right Device

A Chromebook is suitable for almost all schoolwork from Years 9 to 13.
However, students intending to take Digital Design or Media Studies a chrome book will not be able to run the Adobe Suite.        Students who need to use the Adobe Suite at home for these courses, will require either a Windows laptop or a Macbook.

My child currently has a device

Provided the device meets Howick College requirements outlined above, you will not need to purchase a new device.


My child does not currently have a suitable device

We work with Harvey Norman to simplify the process for parents - please see the flyer below. Visit any Harvey Norman store and present the Howick College flyer. Please note that if you purchase an education priced Microsoft Surface or a device with Windows 10 Pro Academic, you will need to provide proof of attendance at Howick College. This could be either your acceptance letter or a valid school ID card.

Harvey Norman are able to supply:

  • Chromebooks

  • Windows laptops

  • MacBooks


If you do not wish to purchase from Harvey Norman you can purchase from any store of your choice,  provided the device matches our specifications above.


We recommend a three year accidental damage insurance policy on all devices purchased.

I may have difficulty in obtaining a device

With the changing nature of the work force and Education, we do require that all students have access to a personal BYOD device both at school and at home. However, we appreciate that this can cause some financial concerns for parents.             We invite you to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s Dean.


If you have any questions regarding BYOD, please feel free to email BYOD@Howick.School.NZ