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Sport in Education

Initially launched as a three year trial in 2013, Sport in Education was a project led by Sport New Zealand. In later years, the initiative was supported by other organisations such as, the Ministry of Education, New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), New Zealand Council for Education Research, New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council, and the New Zealand Olympic Committee. The philosophy behind this unique programme is to develop, trial and evaluate approaches to deliver improved student learning outcomes.


Following a very successful trial in seeing student achievement and engagement increase significantly, Howick College is now one of a number of schools in New Zealand to offer Sport in Education as a permanent course in our curriculum. By using sport as a context for learning and engagement, the programme not only makes a positive impact on students’ physical and mental wellbeing, but also delivers positive outcomes in their academic, social and sporting achievements.


Sport in Education offers Year 9 to Year 12 students who are passionate about sport leadership opportunities where our school values, athleticism and qualities such as strength, teamwork and growth mindset, are demonstrated both in the classroom and on the sports field. Sport in Education focuses on developing three components:


Academic Achievement

The strengths of Sport in Education programme is its collaboration across the core subjects of Physical Education, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science, with additional studies of Health, and Athlete Development in Year 9. The programme provides students cross-curricular opportunities with immense benefits as they explore the various components of fitness together with the principles and methods of training. Students are able to make strong connections between sport and applying these fundamentals to their learning in order to reach their full academic potential.

Social Outcomes

Students are actively encouraged to act as Sports Ambassadors for the College and being involved in sporting events in the local schools and in the wider community to develop coaching and officiating skills. They will foster a positive working relationship with our neighbouring schools and the local sports clubs in taking on additional responsibilities such as event organisation and management, and are expected to act as role models for their peers and younger students.

Sporting Success

Sport in Education students are expected to represent Howick College in at least one sport. Through representation, students demonstrate our core 4C values and their determination to succeed both when competing on the field and in their training commitments. Our teachers provide continuing support for our students with their time management when balancing trainings and curriculum learning to ensure students excel in all areas.

An awareness of career pathways in sport is encouraged through the Sport in Education programme to inspire students to further pursue their passion for sport throughout their lives.

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