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Sport in Education

Sport in Education (SiE) offers students who are passionate about sports an engaging opportunity to learn the core subject skills of Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Physical Education & Health and Science through the context of sport.  Teachers with a passion for sports deliver learning that makes a positive impact on students’ academic, social and sporting achievements.  Students can make strong learning connections by applying fundamental sporting skills to their learning so they can reach their full academic potential.  There is also an opportunity to continue the Sport in Education journey into Years 11 and 12.

Sport in Education students are expected to represent Howick College in at least one sport. Through representation, students demonstrate our core 4C values and their determination to succeed both when competing on the field and in their training commitments.  Sport in Education students will also act as Sports Ambassadors for the college and are involved in sporting events in the local schools and in the wider community.  Through these activities, students will explicitly develop the capabilities of self-management, communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and global sports leadership.

*Entry into the Sport in Education Programme is by application.

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