Technology is a creative purposeful activity aimed at meeting needs and opportunities through the development of products, systems or environments. Knowledge skills and resources are combined to help solve practical problems. Technological practice takes place within and is influenced by social contexts.


Through their learning in technology, students will develop confidence and competence in understanding and using existing technologies and in creating solutions to technological solutions.
Education in Technology contributes to the student's intellectual and practical development as individuals, and as informed members of a technological society.

Digital Technologies

Food Technology, Hospitality, and Early Childhood Education

Construction and Mechanical Technology

Textiles and Design Technology

Teaching Staff

Mr Rohitesh Mishra - HOLA Technology / HOD Construction and Mechanical Technology

Mrs Vivien Bielby - Asst. HOLA Technology / HOD Digital Technology

Mr Francois du Plessis - HOD Electronics

Mrs Jolene MacCallum - HOD Food Technology



Mrs Elisha Hoskin - TIC Textiles, Mrs Nikki Metcalfe - Acting TIC Textiles

Mrs Rebecca Roberts - TIC Hospitality / Food

Mrs Bennie Spencer - TIC Early Childhood Education and Care / Food

Mr Willem du Toit - TIC Building / Construction and Mechanical Technology

Mr Clifford Slough - TIC Engineering / Construction and Mechanical Technology


Mrs Prem Chandra 

Mrs Christine Familton 

Mr Harish Kathnaur 

Mrs Nadiene Kyle

Mr Ivan Moses

Mr Navin Raj 

Mr Stewart Thompson 

Mrs Dianne Fenner

Mrs Phoebe Liang

Mr Richard Rounds

Ms Nicole Slamat

Mr Stewart Thompson

Mr Clifford Slough 

Mr Eric Wall

Ms Taylor Woodmass 



Support Staff:

Mrs Sharleen Ballantyne - Food / Hospitality

Mr Scott Macintosh - Hard technology