Mathematics = solving puzzles. Problem solving using a variety of mathematical and statistical tools available to us lies at the heart of the mathematics and statistics curriculum. The development and use of these skills is the aim of every course offered by this department.


Technology is everywhere around us, and you need mathematics to master it. The way i-pads and other devices work is based on mathematical designs and thinking.


In fact, most top-paying jobs need good mathematics skills: doctors, vets, engineers, scientists, plumbers, electricians, builders - the list goes on.


Mathematics is not just about numbers. It is about patterns too. So jobs like fashion and interior design will benefit from mathematics skills. Business careers need mathematics and statistics to produce reports that can be understood at different levels of interest.


Mathematics is also useful in everyday life: estimating costs, shopping, measuring, managing money, planning trips and so on.


** Students are required to take Mathematics and Statistics until the end of Year 11. However, a decision not to continue with the subject into Years 12 and 13 should not be made lightly. Many tertiary courses require Mathematics at NCEA Level 2 or 3.

Teaching Staff

Ms Natalie Kallwass - HOLA Mathematics

Mrs Sush Molia - Assistant HOLA Maths - TIC Statistics

Mr Jun Gamio - TIC Calculus

Mr Pretesh Kumar - TIC Year 11 Mathematics


Mrs Anye Blignaut

Ms Lynda Bowers

Ms Louise Carse

Mr Aaron Chi

Ms Yin Chua

Mrs Kirsty Halliday

Mrs Zen Han

Mr Arndt Heuer

Mr Mark Hodson

Mrs Paramjit Kaur

Mr Alan Kim

Mrs Andrea Machin

Mr Michael Zeng