We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt.


The Innovation Stream is an exciting initiative for students who wish to be involved in an innovative curriculum based on developing learners, leaders and change-makers who use knowledge meaningfully across the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Statistics, Science and Social Studies.


The Innovation Stream is designed to focus on the following six areas of deep learning:

Character - Build resilience, empathy, confidence and initiative

Citizenship - Be a global citizen, demonstrating understanding of diverse viewpoints  and ways of thinking

Communication - Apply speaking, listening, writing and reading skills in a variety of contexts

Collaboration - Work in teams to learn with and from others

Creativity - Develop abilities to create, design and innovate

Critical Thinking - Develop abilities to seek and solve problems, and model situations that require critical and analytical thinking


More information can be found in the following PDF. If you have any further questions, please contact the programme director Ms McCamish: Angela.McCamish@howick.school.nz

21st Century Learning

Driverless cars are now legal in three US states. One third of payments in Kenya are made via mobile phones. Texting by thought alone is predicted to be available in the next 5-10 years. Machines now do much of the work previously done by people. Our students are entering a different world with new job and learning opportunities. These opportunities need students that can think deeply about issues, solve problems creatively, communicate clearly in a variety of media, learn ever-changing technologies, and deal with multiple sources of informaiton.


The rapid changes in our world require students to be flexible, to take the initiative and lead when appropriate, to collaborate with others with a range of expertise and to create new and useful products and processes.


New Courses to Engage and Inspire:

To prepare students for this new world, the Innovation Stream offers fours 'new' courses instead of the traditional English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. These four courses still include the same curriculum content as for the four core subjects, however the content is integrated across the following areas:

  • Community Action
  • Creative Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Future Studies


Students will spend 15 hours a week in the four Innovation Stream courses. For the remainder of the time they will be in mixed option subjects of their choice (selected from the Technology, Arts, Languages, and Business subject areas) as well as PE and Health classes to cover the remainder of the curriculum.

Innovation Stream Teachers

Future Studies:

Year 9:

Mr Chang (Science) Stanley.Chang@howick.school.nz

Ms Pedersen (English) Rosalie.Pedersen@howick.school.nz

Year 10:

Mr Vogel (English) Bret.Vogel@howick.school.nz 

Ms Varugheuse (Science) Carolle.Varughese@howick.school.nz


Creative Design:

Year 9:

Mrs Beresford (English) Deriza.Beresford@howick.school.nz

Mrs Jones (Art) Rhiannon.Jones@howick.school.nz

Year 10:

Mrs Metcalfe (Technology) Nikki.Metcalfe@howick.school.nz

Miss Morgan (English) Kate.Morgan@howick.school.nz


Community Action:

Year 9:

Mr Kumar (Statistics) Pretesh.Kumar@howick.school.nz

Mr Doubleday (Social Studies) Luke.Doubleday@howick.school.nz

Year 10:

Mrs Halliday (Statistics) Kirsty.Halliday@howick.school.nz

Mrs Gillet (PE/Health) Kirsty.Gillett@howick.school.nz


Problem Solving:

Year 9:

Ms Bowers (Maths) Lynda.Bowers@howick.school.nz

Ms Clearwater (Science) Kirsty.Clearwater@howick.school.nz

Year 10:

Miss Ward (Science) Laura.Ward@howick.school.nz

Mrs McArthur (Maths) Janine.McArthur@howick.school.nz


Creative Futures and Design (CFD) - Year 11 

Mrs Botha Anne.Botha@howick.school.nz

Ms McCamish Angela.McCamish@howick.school.nz


Future Problem Solving (FPS) - Year 11 

Mr Chang Stanley.Chang@howick.school.nz

Miss Chua Yin.Chua@howick.school.nz


Critical Problem Solving (CPS) - Year 11

Mr Henty Richard.Henty@howick.school.nz

Ms Kallwass Natalie.Kallwass@howick.school.nz