Why study history?

The study of History and the historical forces and processes that have shaped our world enables us to better understand our own society and the world and the individual's place in it.

It is a subject that teaches people to gather, process, interpret and present information; these are important skills in an information based society.
History develops research and communication skills. Students will learn how to:
  • distinguish fact from opinion
  • detect bias and propaganda
  • recognise differing points of view
  • develop clear, critical thinking
  • make sound judgments
  • present balanced and logical arguments.

 The study of History develops in students very marketable skills that are in demand in a wide variety of careers, especially careers related to the law, research, education, advertising, journalism, public service, the police and the armed services.

Skills learnt in History will be valuable no matter what university degree you undertake. Employers value History students for their broad understanding of human nature and world affairs as well as their ability to think through problems and express themselves clearly and accurately.