The Health and Physical Education Department aims to meet the needs of all students via a range of innovative and challenging programmes. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and develop physical and interpersonal skills to improve and maintain their own well-being. A wide variety of programmes and modules are offered to students from Year 9 through to Year 13.

Health and Physical Education
At Years 9 and 10 students undertake compulsory programmes of study in both Health and Physical Education.
Students have a wide variety of option choices available to them in this area as they enter the senior school. These include:
Year 11: 11PES, 11HES and 11OED
Year 12: 12PES,12HES and 12OED
Year 13: 13PES, 13SES and 13HES
All these senior courses on offer are designed to cater for a wide range of students' interests and abilities - from the more academic focus provided by the 11,12 and 13 PES and HES courses, to the leadership and coaching focus offered through 113SES.
Possible career pathways from this learning area include: teaching, sports coaching, sports massage, physiotherapy, nursing, personal training, fitness consultancy, recreation centres, occupational therapy, sports trainer, outdoor instructor, sports co-ordinator, occupational health, social work, sports science research, professional sportsperson etc. 
Students from Year 9-13 MUST wear the correct Howick College PE uniform for all practical classes.
The Careers Department within Howick College can provide more detailed information on these above careers on request. 


Outdoor Education (OED)

Teaching Staff

Ms Carys Evans - HOLA Health & Physical Education
Mr Andy Thompson - Acting Assistant HOLA & HOD Health
Mr John Wright - HOD EOTC/OED
Mrs Emma Jones - Director Sport in Education (SIE)
Ms Julia Breen 
Mr Chance Bunce
Mr Craig Dryden
Mr Jayden Dyer
Mrs Kirsty Gillett
Ms Christine Hargreaves
Ms Rachel Hartley
Mrs Catherine Simpson
Mr Rob Stretch
Mrs Hannah Tapara
Mrs Greta Thomas
Mr Mark Thomas
Mrs Adelita Sotutu - Sports Director
Ms Leigh Brown - Sports Co-ordinator
Mr Wil Tu'ipulotu - Sports Co-ordinator