The ability to read accurately for understanding as well as to express ourselves precisely is fundamental to all school subjects, just as it is in all areas of our lives. This means that well developed skills in reading, writing and speaking are absolutely essential.


Furthermore, imaginative appreciation of our world and an understanding of experiences beyond our own environment is found in good literature.


English courses offered at Howick College give students the opportunity to be life-long learners.


Junior & Senior English / Classical Studies / Media Studies

Teaching Staff

Mrs Anne Botha - HOLA English

Mr Craig Jack - Assistant HOD

Mr Thomas Stacey - TIC Junior English

Miss Rosalie Pedersen - TiC Classical Studies


Ms Deriza Beresford

Mrs Lindsey Brown

Mrs Natalie Fensham

Mr Jesse Fowke

Mrs Geraldine Jamieson

Ms Cherie Kennedy

Mrs Priscilla Lauten

Mr Trevor Lauten

Mrs Lin Lescher

Mr Ian Marais

Ms Kate Morgan

Mrs Nicola Seiler

Ms Karen Stegmann

Mrs Neera Sundrum

Mr Ben Uy - Media Studies

Mr Bret Vogel