Suggestions from the Careers Department About School Subject Choice



Do your research:

Go on to Dreamcatcher ( using your personal login and access the career information sites there.
Other useful websites are:
Vocational Pathways   Complete the profile builder.
Careers New Zealand    Find guidance here in choosing subjects relevant to your future under the heading “Education and Training” 
Occupation Outlook 2015
Be aware that your career choice may require you to have studied certain subjects at school, e.g. Level 3 Calculus and Physics (and maybe Chemistry) are a requirement when applying to study Engineering; Biology, Chemistry and Physics plus Calculus or Statistics are ‘highly recommended’ for studying Biomedical Science, and if you are interested in becoming a Vet, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Statistics or Calculus are highly recommended. 
Be aware of the prerequisites for the subjects that you need for your chosen career. What Achievement Standards do you need to pass in Level 1 Science to get into Level 2 Chemistry? What do you need to pass to get into Level 3 Chemistry? The subject pages have all this information – check it out and do some goal setting.
Be aware that if you are planning to go to University, you need to be taking subjects that are on the ‘Approved List’ for University Entrance (see ‘Approved Subjects’). Make sure that you take enough approved subjects at Level 2 so that you have choices for Level 3. 
Be aware that University Entrance is often not enough to gain entry to some degrees at some universities, e.g. see Auckland University Undergraduate Prospectus p58/59 or read below. These are the undergraduate programme admission requirements for school leavers who have achieved UE. The table indicates the rank score for guaranteed entry:  
Other universities have information pages such as:
International Students – Every university has a dedicated area of information for international students, specific to their requirements.
Local Polytech Websites
See Ms van Daatselaar or Mrs Lu Matthews-Ward (Careers Advisors), if you are unsure about your subject choices.  Parents are welcome too. The Careers department are located in H Block.