The Business and Management Department offers a range of subjects which relates to the business world. Our emphasis is to let students explore the business world either as an entrepreneur or as a manager in the real life of corporate New Zealand.  The content of all our courses is based on real business situations.


There are a wide range of subjects offered in the school.  In the junior school we focus on the individual by offering Enterprise Studies in Year 9 and Moneywise in Year 10 (which is a financial literacy course).  In the senior school we offer Accounting, Economics and Business Studies progressing through all three senior levels.  Money Management  can be taken at Year 12 and the focus is on the extension of the Moneywise course in Year 10.
The Department offers a variety of competitions that students can apply their knowledge, i.e.
  • The Young Enterprise Scheme
  • The Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Challenge
  • NZCETA subject competitions.


Career Pathways:
Choosing Business and Management subjects will put you on a path to a number of careers particularly in the fields of business management, financial management, self-employment, insurance and human resources.

Teaching Staff

Mrs Desiree Reyneke - HOLA Business Studies

Ms Loseta Fapiano - TIC Economics


Miss Brenna Baker

Mrs Amy du Plessis

Mrs Janine McArthur