Suggested BYOD Specifications

If your child already has a device from primary or intermediate school, please refer to the suggestions below to ensure the computer does meet our minimum specifiations to ensure your child's device is fit for purpose at Howick College.


At least 10” (25cm) diagonal  A touch screen is not essential 



Wireless connection (not 3G/4G) is essential. (Wifi N or AC capable. Wifi B & G are not acceptable) 


Battery  Minimum of 8 hours battery life when fully charged. The unit must be fully charged at home before  school each day.



A full keyboard is required; either detachable or built in. On‐screen keyboards are not suitable.  We also discourage the use of membrane keyboards as they tend to wear out quickly and do not  support rapid data entry.  If the keyboard is battery powered it must also last 8 hours. 



A built‐in camera is very useful  


Operating System Windows devices will need to be on Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 or preferably Windows 10.  Windows 7 Home, Windows Vista and other earlier operating systems will not function in our  environment.  Chrome OS is fine  Mac OS should be fine unless it is an older version  A web Browser must be installed ‐Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge are fine.  


Insurance and Warranty 

We strongly recommend that the unit is covered by a three‐year warranty and insurance.  If  insurance is not purchased with the unit, please check that it is covered under household insurance.  


Suggested Specifications

(Windows Devices)  Quality Processor – not Atom  4GB RAM  128GB SSD (64GB is just acceptable) or 256GB HDD (SSD is faster and more reliable than HDD)  Comments 

1. Additional expansion by SD or microSD is not required 

2. Touch or touch with stylus is nice to have 

3. Detachable keyboards make the camera easier to use 

4. Robust construction is a must 


Noel Leeming in Botany Town Centre are our preferred supplier who understand our specifications and will be able to guide you to an appropriate device. Please let the salesperson know you are from Howick College when you talk to them.

Installing Office 365

The following PDF provides instructions for downloading and installing Office 365 for Windows. This needs to be done at home as it will take a little time.

Please note: this is not for Chromebooks