2019 Student Council Leaders with Head Boy, Tim Cloves and Head Girl, Catherine Thomas (seated).

Howick College is committed to providing leadership and service opportunities for students. This develops citizenship and contribution, and is another important part of our mission of 'inspiring a community of passionate learners' .


Year 13 students form the Student Leadership team headed by a Head Girl (Catherine Thomas, 2019) and Head Boy (Tim Cloves, 2019). The students lead councils that look after different portfolios including: Houses, Academic, Pastoral, Sports, Arts, Cultural and Community. Students from all years may join these councils to help organise and run events.


House Leaders



  • Assemblies
  • House fundraising
  • Assist House Deans
  • Mentoring

For more information about the various Houses please click HERE

Academic Council:

Rashil Nand and

Maya Louw

  •  Peer tutoring
  • Examination preparation
  • Transition to NCEA
  • Student voice for initiatives to help raise achievement, raising boys achievement, introducing Growth MindSet
  • Assisting with Honours awards


Kyle Horsefield and

Katie Heaven

  •  Front of House at productions and recitals
  • Assist Arts Co-ordinator with Extra-Curricular clubs
  • Arts Night


Ashley Hunt and

Harismran Hundal 

  •  Environment Committee
  • 40 Hour Famine
  • Blood Donation Drive
  • Rotary
  • Student Hosts


Mackenzie Wiki and

Isha Singh

  •  Culture Club
  • Language Club
  • Kapa Haka
  • Pacifika Leadership Group


Brianna Little and

Jasmine Teina

  •  The Big Stand
  • Pink Shirt Day


Nanise Waqaira and

Heath Galloway

  •  Assist with Athetics Day, Cross Country
  • Organising lunchtime recreational sports

There are also several opportunities throughout the school to serve both the school and community, for example:

  • International Student Buddy
  • School librarian
  • Peer mentoring
  • Peer support
  • Environment projects
  • Hospitality at school events
  • Charity events such as Relay for Life



Participation in events such as the World Vision 40 Hour Famine and Blood Bank provide students with the opportunity to consider the needs of others and contribute to their national and global communities.


Students are also have the oportunitiy to show community spirit in serving as librarians, school hosts, International Student Buddy or Enviro Group.


Leadership is promoted throughout Howick College in two ways. We wish to develop people who can drive initiatives that they care about and lead teams, committees and councils and opportunities for this are provided in the form of House Leadership, House committess, Sports and Arts councils and event committees.


Equally importantly, we promote collective community efforts which help to develop the ability of students to become valuable, positive contributors to our local and wider communities by making appropriate, thoughtful and reflective choices.


By providing these opportunities for student led events and efforts, students can realise their potential to lead themselves in a responsible manner.


Each year we support and promote leadership with Leadership Week in-conjunction with the national Sir Peter Blake Leadership Week and Red Sock Day.  Inspirational speakers are invited to the the school assemblies and nominated students are presented with offical Sir Peter Blake Red Socks.