The Health Centre is a multidisciplinary primary care facility that provides access to comprehensive primary medical, social and mental health services, as well as health promotion, education and prevention services for students who might otherwise have limited or no access to health care.


** Students: if you are unwell at school, get a pass form your teacher and go to the Health Centre. The nurse will contact your parents/caregivers, if required, to arrange for you to leave school. DO NOT CONTACT YOUR PARENT/CAREGIVER YOURSELF.
** Parents/caregivers: if you are contacted by the nurse to pick up your child, please go to the Health Centre to sign them out of school.
If your child contacts you directly, please tell them to go to the Howick College Nurse who will assess them.
Our service is private and confidential. There are three exceptions to this:
If you are harming yourself
If someone is harming you or
If you are currently or intend to, harm someone else.
In this situation we would discuss with you the need to involve a third person.
The Health Centre runs Monday to Friday - beginning P1 to end P5 (or by appointment) - with an open door policy, and provides the following services to students and staff:
  • First aid
  • Sexual health referral
  • Minor emergency referrals
  • Management of chronic conditions – diabetes, asthma
  • Sports injuries
  • Health promotion, prevention and education
  • Alcohol & substance abuse referral
  • Weight management referral
  • Physical and emotional support/counselling referral
  • Injury prevention
  • Suicide prevention/counselling referral
  • Physiotherapy - by appointment only for ACC related injuries
  • Resource information

Our Team

Kirsty Coleman: is our Receptionist and may be the first person you meet when you arrive at the Centre. You may make appointments through Kirsty to see the Registered Nurse, the Physiotherapist or any visiting specialists.

Claudia Naidoo: is the Registered Nurse working at the Health Centre.
The Health Centre also: 
  • hosts the visiting Asthma Nurse on a monthly basis for support and review of your asthma. (Appointment required)
  •  has a visiting physiotherapist available between 9am and 1.30pm for ACC related injuries. (Appointment required)
  • Dental Clinic
  • Blood Bank
  • First Aid training by First Training

Physiotherapy Service @ Howick College

A physiotherapist is available at the school on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri

Free under ACC - if you are a student or staff member and have injured yourself at school, sport or at home - come and see us in the Health Centre..


Pick up a consent form from the Health Centre, complete and return it, you will then be seen by the physio during school hours.

(students under 16yrs will need parent's signature)