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Innovation Stream

Innovation Stream at Howick College is an exciting initiative designed to prepare our students for the future in this rapidly changing world that requires them to be flexible, take initiatives, lead when needs arise, communicate and collaborate with others, and create new products and develop processes.


As we enter a different era with new learning opportunities and with new jobs yet to be created, students need to build on their abilities to think deeply and critically about issues, solve problems creatively, communicate clearly and effectively through a variety of media, learn and adapt emerging technologies, and analyse multiple sources of information.


With a key focus to strengthen the capabilities of our young people for the future workforce and global society, Innovation Stream develops our students within the following six areas of deep learning outcomes:

00 Howick College Values & Capabilities

The curriculum aims to engage and develop learners, leaders and change-makers who use knowledge meaningfully across the core subjects of English, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. These four courses include the same curriculum content, but are integrated across Community Action, Creative Design, Problem Solving, and Future Studies.

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