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By studying mathematics, students develop the ability to think strategically and logically as they learn to organise, to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately, to process and communicate information, and to enjoy intellectual challenge.

Students also learn to develop other important thinking skills through the process of creating models and predicting outcomes, justifying and verifying results, and in seeking patterns and generalisations. They learn to estimate with reasonableness, calculate with precision, and understand when results are precise and when they must be interpreted with uncertainty.


Mathematics has a broad range of practical applications in everyday life, in other learning areas, and in workplaces.

Students are strongly encouraged to continue mathematics though to Year 13 as the majority of tertiary programmes and vocational courses require mathematics at NCEA Level 2 or 3.


Why learn Mathematics?

Technology is everywhere around us, and you need mathematics to master it. The way i-pads and other devices work is based on mathematical designs and thinking. Mathematics is also useful in everyday life: estimating costs, shopping, measuring, managing money, planning trips and so on.


Where can Mathematics lead?

Mathematics is not just about numbers; it is about patterns too. Jobs like fashion and interior design will benefit from mathematics skills. Mathematics is also fundamental to the study of engineering, economics, virtually all science subjects and is useful for many other subjects.

Business careers need mathematics and statistics to produce reports that can be understood at different levels of interest. In fact, most top-paying jobs need good mathematics skills: doctors, vets, engineers, scientists, plumbers, electricians, builders - the list goes on.



Please note: Students are required to take Mathematics and Statistics until the end of Year 11. However, a decision not to continue with the subject into Years 12 and 13 should not be made lightly as many tertiary courses require Mathematics at NCEA Level 2 or 3.

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