Howick College Board

Special Community Announcement

Please click on the PDF below to view a community announcement from the Howick College Board Presiding member, Mr Miles Stratford.

The Howick College Board, in consultation with parents, staff and students, provides strategic direction for the school and develops, monitors and reviews school policy. The principal, senior leadership team and staff, align the operational plans and activities with the strategic objectives set out, to ensure we provide high quality education and a safe learning environment for all our students. 

If you wish to bring matters to the attention of the Board, please contact the Presiding Member.


For more information about the role of the Board, please visit New Zealand School Trustees Association.

Our Board Members

2. Mr Stratforda.jpg

Mr Miles Stratford

Presiding Board Member


HR/Curriculum Committee 


Community Development/

International Students Committee

2020 ID (1).psda.jpg

Ms Michele Heywood

Deputy Presiding Board Member


HR/Curriculum Committee Chair

Community Development/

International Students Committee


Mr Iva Ropati


HR/Curriculum Committee

Finance Committee

Property/Health & Safety Committee

Community Development/

International Students Committee

1. Mr Gribble (Presiding Board Member) a.jpg

Mr Roger Gribble

Finance Committee Chair


Property/Health and Safety

Committee Deputy Chair

Community Development/

International Students Committee


Ms Sharon King

Staff Representative


Finance Committee

Property/Health and Safety Committee

HR/Curriculum Committee


Mr Richard Tosh

Property/Health and Safety Committee Chair


Finance Committee Deputy Chair

HR/Curriculum Committee

Community Development/

International Students

Carin Newbould photo.jpeg

Ms Carin Newbould

Community Development/

International Students Deputy Chair

HR/Curriculum Committee

L Mackereth.jpg

Mrs Lorraine Mackereth

Board Secretary


Zachary Wight

Student  Representative


Board Meeting Dates 2022

Wednesday 23 February

Wednesday 30 March

Wednesday 25 May

Wednesday 22 June

Wednesday 17 August

Wednesday 14 September

Wednesday 9 November

Wednesday 7 December

Board  Policy Statements

Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Audited Financial Statements

Board Meeting Minutes 2022

Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda