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Online Foundation Course

Our unique Online Foundation Course, only offered at Howick College, aims to equip students with vocabulary knowledge that will enable them to successfully integrate into the New Zealand High School education system and curriculum.


This course is specifically designed for English language learners who intend to come to New Zealand to pursue further study and need strong support to help them develop their confidence in all aspects of the English language, particularly in the context of school subject areas.


Individual student needs are identified through Diagnostic Language Testing and English Language Learning Progressions to develop our unique teaching and learning programme.


Students will use current modern technologies to interact with teachers, along with independent and group activities, to enhance their learning experience and build independent learning capabilities.


Upon completion of the course, students will be placed into mainstream or ESOL subjects according to their progress when they arrive in New Zealand. 

Course Outline (English)

课程简介 (中文)

How the Course works (English)

课程如何运作 (中文)

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