Hannah Milo - Performing Arts Award, Greatest Contribution to Music.jpg
of the Year
Hannah Milo
Brooke Scully - Dancer of the Year and Choreograper of the Year.jpg
Choreographer and Dancer of the Year
Brooke Scully
Bianca Day - SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal.jpg
SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal
Bianca Day
Tevita Sila - The Lions of Howick Derek Wigzell Drama Award.jpg
Lions of Howick Derek Wigzell Drama Award
Tevita Sila
Samuel Dawson - Dancer of the Year.jpg
Dancer of
the Year
Sam Dawson
Jenna Feldtman - SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal.jpg
SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal
Jenna Feldtman
Lily Moore - SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal.jpg
Stuart Shacklock Drama Award
Lily Moore
Siying Huang - Greatest Contribution to Music.jpg
Greatest Contribution to Music
Siying Huang
Kirsty Mayhill - SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal.jpg
SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal
Kirsty Mayhill
Paige Kendon - SGCNZ Supreme Winner Costume Design 2021.jpg
SGCNZ Costume Design Winner 2021
Paige Kendon
Monique Preisig - Best Art Practice.jpg
Best Art
Monique Preisig
Amber Vodanovich - SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal.jpg
SGCNZ Sheilah Winn Recognition Medal
Amber Vodanovich



Student Arts Council Excellence Award

Lily Moore

Crystal Verry


4Cs Recognition Medals

Holly Groves

Julie Kim

Carys Limm

Monique Preisig



Best Art Practice

Monique Preisig


 Most Innovative Artist

Briana Mcintosh

 Most Realistic Drawing and Painting

Jerrymiah Lin


Most Expressive Brushwork in Painting

Joanna Kim


Best Use of Colour

Lorisha Chandra


Best Use of Space in Compositions

Julie Kim


 Most Imaginative Subject Matter

Cassie Carruthers


Best Use of Symbolism and Iconology

Rhys Peddie


Most Imaginative Photographer

Emma Tucker


Best Use of Light in Photography

Maude Hugues


Most Creative Art and Photo Design

Danielle Gomes


Best Development of a Personal Style in Design

Kara Henderson


Most Expressive Use of Media

Zoe Hill


Best Use of Digital Media in Art

Tahlia Kennedy


Best Developed Concept in Visual Media

Meagan Fowler


Best Use of Traditional Media in Visual Art

Skyla Law Chan






Recognition Medals

Charlotte Abbott 

Kelsey Atwill 

Caitlin Beal

Sophia Garofalakis 

Emma Hardaker 

Elise Jacobs 

Billie Lawson 

Hannah Milo

Brooke Scully 

Grace Shelley 

Morgan Taylor


Dancer of the Year 

Samuel Dawson

Brooke Scully


Choreographer of the Year 

Brooke Scully


Junior Dancer of the Year

Lilly Greig


Upcoming Choreographer 

Caitlin Beal


4Cs Award 

Kaylee Holst


Upcoming All-Round Dancer 

Asher Saunders


Dance Scholar

Charlotte Abbott


Hype Award

Sophia Garofalakis

Ichiro Harada Award

Grace Shelley

Morgan Taylor




Recognition Medals – SGCNZ

Bianca Day

Jenna Feldtman

Kirsty Mayhill

Amber Vodanovich


Lions of Howick Drama Derek Wigzell Award

Tevita Sila – In Excellence


The Bard – Shakespeare Award

Paige Kendon - SGCNZ 2021 Supreme Winner Costume Design

Stuart Shacklock Award - Outstanding Achievement

Lily Moore

Kathryn Armstrong Award

Hannah Milo – In Excellence


Ben Egan Award - Directors Cut

Stefan Meadows-Allan - Senior Production

Lily Moore - Shakespeare


Ria Imandin 4Cs Award

Emma Bingham

Amelia Carr

Howick College Theatre Design & Technology

Mark Moselen

Recognition Medals - Theatre Technicians
Kristian Dryden
Andrew Kennedy
Reuben Woollaston


Most Inspirational Drama Moment

Milo Golledge


Best Lead in a Play

Kelle Dawson

Stefan Meadows-Allan


Musical Theatre Top Award – Grease

Finn O’Sullivan


Musical Theatre Choreographer – Grease

Juliet Curwood


Musical Theatre Best Dance Newcomer – Grease

Addison Tuineau


Best Lead in a Musical – Grease

Samuel Dawson (Frenchie)

Holly Groves (Jan)

Grace Stephens (Sandy)


Best Newcomer in a Musical – Grease

Daniel Maher


Best Supporting Role in a Musical – Grease

Emma Hardaker


Tash Ritz Award Biggest Voice - Grease

Max Hill


The Show Must Go On Award

Coel Hogan

Kellan Talbot


Hidden Treasure Award

Monique Preisig

Morgan Taylor




Music Recognition Medals

For their contribution to music at Howick College in:


Fretted String Instruments

Max Hill


Bowed String Instruments

Hannah Milo, Siying Huang and Samantha Gomez


Wind Instruments

Jack Styles



Siying Huang, Hikaru Nishikawa and Carys Limm



Samantha Gomez



Hannah Milo and Apurva Anand



Greatest Commitment and Contribution to Music

Hannah Milo and Siying Huang




Recognition Medals


Year 11 

Alex Penney

Year 12 

Bianca Day, Sophie McAuley and Noah San Jose

Year 13 

Jonathan Ezekiela, Luke Binedell and Ronan Wheeler

Stan Lee Award 

Jack Schlooz 




Recognition Medal

For Excellent Participation

Zahara Adams




Recognition Medals


For Service to Debating 

Krish Patel

Tim Schoeman

Lorisha Chandra

Kelsey Atwill




Recognition Medals


Sean Huang

Hope Milo