Peer Support

The Peer Support Programme, is a personal development programme for secondary students, led by senior students.

Senior students are trained to take a leadership role in helping younger students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to interact with their peers in positive ways.

Peer Support develops self-acceptance, confidence and the ability to make sound decisions. It harnesses positive peer influence to combat negative peer pressure.

Young people entering secondary school often feel isolated and insecure. They want to belong but the price of belonging can be very high. Negative peer pressure easily leads to anti-social and unhealthy habits. This behaviour can escalate and become a way of life unless students receive active support to resist these pressures.
The Peer Support Programme was developed in Sydney 30 years ago as an antidote to negative peer pressure in secondary schools. It was introduced to New Zealand schools in 1985 as a result of the initiatives of committed teachers and Rotarians.
The programme has flourished in New Zealand and is now up and running in two thirds of our secondary schools. The Peer Support Programme is established as an integral part of the curriculum of the school. Each year senior students are trained by qualified Peer Support teachers to lead small groups of incoming Year 9 students in weekly activities and discussions. The aim is to encourage a positive group experience and frank discussion of the problems which Year 9 students may have in making the transition to secondary school.
Themes which can be incorporated into a peer support programme include: Getting to know you, communication, self-awareness, values, feelings, friendship and trust, peer pressure, bullying, family relationships and cultural awareness.
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A school-based mental health promotion programme for young people that enhances connectedness and supports changes in life's journey.

Travellers was developed as a creative and innovative response to supporting and promoting the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people. The primary focus of the programme is to enhance connectedness and support changes in life's journey. The name Travellers is a metaphor for 'life is a journey' with changes that have to be negotiated. The concepts of 'life maps' and 'day trips' will be used throughout the programme and these will be modelled by the group programme facilitators.
Travellers sessions
Travellers supports young people to identify, develop and access the resources they need to travel through life. The journey metaphor is the key link between all sessions and activities within sessions. As the programme progresses through each session, each young person's life becomes a visual representation, through the use of symbols, stickers and words or statements of : feelings and thoughts experienced in different situations; support available at these times; and times when they were having fun and relaxing. The sessions will be fun, interactive and educational.
1 & 2
Life is a journey. Sometimes the path can be more challenging than at other times
Life'sa journey!
Our self-esteem is our belief in our own self-worth
I'm OK !
Trust your feelings - it's OK to feel.
Expressing yourself is healthy. It's natural to find change stressful.
Express yourself
The way I think affects how I feel.
To challenge unhelpful thoughts can help me feel better.
Sometimes I can change things and sometimes I can't BUT I can change the way I think about things.
I think therefore I am!
Fun and laughter help reduce stress.
Relaxation re-energises. Travelling well on day trips and life journeys deserves rewards.
Be your own best friend!
Everyone needs support at times. Support can be practical and/or emotional
Mobilise your team!
Challenges in life can help us grow.
There are strategies I can use to do life.
Life is do-able!
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