Leadership is promoted throughout Howick College in two ways. We wish to develop people who can drive initiatives that they care about and lead teams, committees and councils and opportunities for this are provided in the form of House Leadership, House committess, Sports and Arts councils and event committees.


Equally importantly, we promote collective community efforts which help to develop the ability of students to become valuable, positive contributors to our local and wider communities by making appropriate, thoughtful and reflective choices.


By providing these opportunities for student led events and efforts, students can realise their potential to lead themselves in a responsible manner.

Leadership Week 2013

The theme for this year's Sir Peter Blake Leadership Week was 'dare, dream, do' and students were encouraged to do just that with presentations from special guests: Murray Thom - named one of NZ's Top 10 entrepeneurs of the decade, Scotty Stevenson - well-know Sky Sports commentator, and representatives from the NZ Navy. These successful speakers talked of the importance of chasing your passions and never giving up and we thank them for coming to Howick College.


The last day of Leadership week coincided with Red Sock day and our students raised $900 for the Sir Peter Blake Trust from selling Red Socks throughout the school.


Photos from Leadership Week are available here.

Leadership Week 2012

In week 10 of Term Two, the House Leaders and Student Board Representative promoted leadership with a series of talks by guest speakers to all our students. The timing of the talks coincided with the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Week which is organised by the Sir Peter Blake Trust.


This year the focus was on how our individual and collective leadership actions can impact on the environment. Sir Peter Blake was passionate about conservation and realised the need to take action before it becomes too late to save the precious natural resources of our planet.
The need for each of us to take actions to reduce our own damaging impact through excessive and wasteful consumption is a key message of the week.
It was also an opportunity to reinforce the values of the Big Stand and Restorative Practice with the visit of Rob Hamill who delivered a powerful message about the need to pursue justice yet also consider forgiveness as a way to heal and move forward.
The leadership speakers were:

Murray Burton - Principal Elim College - who discussed what our legacy would be and what we may descibe as our "finest hour" following his experiences after the Mangatepopo tragedy.

Qiujing Wong - Recipient of Sir Peter Blake leadership Award, 2012 and founder of Borderless, a film company that has raised money and awareness about the imminent crisis in Africa arising from the number of orphans who are being cared for by their gramdmothers.
Linda Guirey - Motivational speaker who explained simple ways to transform our lives and her experiences when counselling students with hearing and sight disbilities.
Rob Hamill - described the challenges he faced when rowing across the atlantic. He also introduced the documentary Brother # 1 and his even greater challenge to seek justice and closure following his brother's death at the hands of the Khmer Rouge.
Jami-Lee Ross - MP for Botany who described his journey from high school 'drop-out' to parliament through making positive choices and believing in himself.
Photos of our guest speakers with our School Leaders can be viewed here.