A wide range of services are available to support students who may need assistance or guideance at school:


Counselling - Personal counselling service provided by school counsellors and peer mediation by trained Year 13 student counsellors.


Health Centre - Medical Unit staffed by a registered nurse.


Learning - Learner Support to assist those with special learning needs, and a developing programme for gifted and talented students.


Language - Language Support for those for whom English is a second language provided by a team of expert teachers.


Careers - Advice and guidance for decision making about further education and employment through the transition education programme and a full-time careers adviser. Students are welcome to make an appointment or pop in during interval or lunchtime to browse and talk to the staff. The careers department is located in H Block (opposite H2).

Homework and Tutoring Centre

 The Howick College Academic Council offers a Tutoring and Homework Centre for students of all ages and abilities. The service is open to anyone needing regular help or just a few pointers on a specific topic. 

The Tutoring and Homework Centre is available for students before and after school on Thursdays from 7:30am-8:30am and 3:30pm-5pm.
Students who would like to receive tutoring from a student tutor in the T9 Tutoring Centre will need to book in advance. This can be done online here.
Students who require a quiet study space are welcome to go to the Homework Centre in T10 (bookings are not required).
There will be teacher supervisors in both classrooms to assist.
Students who wish to sign up to become a student tutor can do so here