The school recognises that not all students are either capable or wish to attend university and so Howick College has become acknowledged as a leading school in providing a wide range of courses that suit each individual. This is in keeping with the school’s “student centred” ethos. Equal recognition and opportunity is given to students who wish to follow a vocational or trade based learning programme as well as those who are aiming at a technical or university qualification.


The Student Pathways department was created to assist students to choose the most suitable programme based on interest and ability. STAR courses are offered and students may also get tasters of work experience through the Gateway programme. The department also assists students to obtain Youth Apprenticeships.

Senior students are interviewed by a Careers Counsellor but the school also recognises that students require advice and guidance as early as possible so various programmes have been introduced to the year 9 and 10 programme to ensure students remain engaged in their learning.