Student Stationery for 2020

Wednesday, 5 February 2020
Please be aware that, with possible changes to your child’s timetable over these first few days, there is no immediate urgency for them to have all their stationery at this stage.
Students, particularly Y9s, have been informed to bring their device, refill pad and pens to school and you should have enough time to organise your child’s subject requirements over the next couple of weeks.
Once your child’s timetable has been confirmed and finalised, please visit the OfficeMax website, , search for Howick College then follow the prompts to find the requirements for each of their subjects.  All students will require basic essentials such as pens, refill pad, ruler, pencils etc. Parents are able to purchase from any stationery supplier if they wish.
OfficeMax has experienced a huge influx of orders in MySchool over the past week which has unfortunately  pushed out their delivery dates. They have advised us that they are trying to mitigate the situation as well as possible with the following actions:
  • Their distribution centre will work through Waitangi Day and is working night shifts 
  • They have requested that Courier Post do Saturday deliveries 
  • Putting bulk orders on hold and focusing on getting MySchool orders out as soon as possible.
  • Emailing all affected parents an update on the delivery date, advising that it has now been pushed out to 4-6 working days.
They understand this a frustrating situation for parents and apologise for any inconvenience. If any parent needs assistance with a placed order, they should contact OfficeMax's MySchool team directly on 0800 724 440 or email them on
All Howick College subject teachers have been advised of the delay in students' stationery orders.