Student Leaders for 2018

Student Leaders for 2018
Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Exciting leadership opportunities have been created for our senior students with the changes to our leadership system.


In addition to the two House leaders, a Senior and Deputy Leader role has been created for these areas: Arts, Sports, Cultural, Pastoral, Academic and Community. These portfolios continue supporting and running the various groups and committees such as: 40 Hour Famine, Culture Club, Arts Council and Student Host etc.


The leaders of each of these portfolios will be headed and supported by a Head Boy and Head Girl.


Applicants for each role were carefully considered and interviewed, and the successful candidates were announced at Senior Honours. Congratulations to:

Bell House: Iva Livani and Blake Sellwood (deputy)

Bacot House: Sebb Judd and Maddy Holland (deputy)

MacDonald House: Neve Bradbury and Kristoffer Gemmell (deputy)

Minerva House: Ana McKearney and Byron Hogan (deputy)

Ingham House: Inka Pleiss and Don Yeh (deputy)

Irvine House: Jeanne Wilson, Jacob Maddren (deputy) and Lee Wilton (deputy)

Academic: Hannah Curwood and Fergus Cleveland (deputy)

Arts: Gemma Owen and Jennie Gan (deputy)

Community: Nathaniel Marsters and Annaliese Lines (deputy)

Cultural: Maorikava Turaki and Talia Maiava (deputy)

Pastoral: Brandon Ward and Tilly Smith (deputy)

Sports: Nathan Limm, Hinemoa Watene (deputy) and William Paranthoiene (deputy)




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