Information for Junior Honours Thursday 7 December

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Junior Honours is scheduled for Thursday 7 December and the day will run to the following timetable:

ALL Junior students are expected to attend Junior Honours.



  • Yr 9 students arrive at 8.40am and leave at 10.30am / Yr 10 students arrive at 10.30am and leave at 1.00pm - there will be two bus runs to accommodate these times
  • For Yr 9s, the morning runs will be simliar to normal
  • For Yr 10s - calculate pick-up times by working out your usual time you are picked up adn travelling and adjust to the 10.30 arrival time. EG: if you are usually picked up at 7.30am, and arrive at school at 8.15am, travelling time is 45mins, so you are likely to be collected at 9.45am for the 10.30 arrival at school

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