Email and Phone Notifications from Schoology

Wednesday, 6 July 2016
We apologise to parents who have experienced a significant volume of Email and phone notifications being generated by Schoology. This term we moved our Daily Notices to Schoology to assist our students in becoming more self-managing. Each time we add an item to the School Notices Group it generates a notification to all members which has had the unforeseen side effect of producing email and phone notifications to parents as well.
We have explored the software and there does not seem to be a mechanism to globally switch off these notifications nor to switch them off for parents. Students may turn them off for each Group they are involved with and we believe that this will also stop the notifications going to their parents.
We are working with the local agents to have Schoology modify their software so that we can more easily manage the notification to parents. However, this will not be a quick process and so we have made a decision to cease sending our Daily Notices out through Schoology from the end of this week.
Again, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and would still strongly urge parents to access Schoology regularly to support their children in their learning.