Booking Tables for the School Ball

Monday, 7 May 2018

All students must have a place at a table at the School Ball so that you can eat your meal etc. In order to ensure that you can sit with your friends you need to follow this booking procedure:


Table Size Options:

Table of 12 people

Table of 10 people

Half table of 6 people

Half table of 5 people


  • Organise a group of friends into a group of 12 or 10 or 6 or 5.
  • Make sure these friends have only committed to your table and are not also being named by other people. If you have a guest, then that guest must sit at the same table as you.
  • If you put in a group of 5 or 6 you can expect to share the table with other people.
  • If you do not bother to book a table then you will sit wherever we can fit you in.
  • You can visit other tables during the night but during the formal meal you need to sit at your allocated table.


On Friday 11 May at interval or lunchtime, send ONE person from your group to L14 with the list of names. The Year 13 Committee will give you a table booking form which you fill out and hand in immediately.


We will do our best to meet all requests for groups but we reserve the need to allocats people to tables in order to fit everone in.


Ms Marsick and the Year 13 Committee.