2018 Howick College Ball Information

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Year 12 and 13 students only: this year's ball will be held on Saturday 26 May, 7pm-midnight, at Alexandra Park.

Tickets are $110 per person and include dinner.








You must follow these steps and timeline (see below):

  1. Collect a contract form from the Student Office.
  2. Fill in and sign the contract and hand it in to the cashier with your payment by the final date (Friday 6 April).
  3. Tickets sell out every year so you are warned to buy your tickets early. We will warn you if tickets are selling out so keep an eye on the daily notices.
  4. You may make several payments as long as your ticket is paid in full before the final date.
  5. Your ball ticket will be confirmed by Mr Ropati provided your behaviour and attendance are at acceptable levels. You will be warned if they are not, and given time to make improvements.
  6. All Howick College students must buy their own tickets before they can purchase tickets for any guests.
  7. After tickets have been sold to Howick College students, any remaining tickets will be sold to students for guests to come.
  8. We are anticipating being able to sell tickets for guests but the supply of these will be restricted in numbers and will be sold last.


How to get a ticket for a guest:

  1. You must buy your own ticket first. This is not refundable if you do not get a guest ticket.
  2. Collect a contract form from the Student Office.
  3. Fill this contract out and hand it to the cashier along with the payment.
  4. Your guest ticket will be confirmed once we have checked the acceptability of your guest.


Timeline for Ball tickets:

Monday 5 March - Ball contracts available and tickets on sale.

Friday 6 April - All Howick College students must buy their tickets by this date. Payments must be made in full. You are warned that if tickets sell out before this date, we will stop selling.

Monday 26 April - Ball contracts available for guest tickets - provisional on tickets being available.

Friday 11 May - All tickets for guests confirmed.

Monday 21 May - Mr Ropati will confirm all tickets.

Friday 25 May - Tickets issued to students.

Saturday 26 May - School ball at Alexandra Park - enjoy!

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