Getting Involved

There are many opportunitites to get involved at Howick College; there are sports teams or groups and clubs to join. There are also fun events organised for international students such as this local Rippa Rugby tournament:

Azul - Top Dancer (Mexico)

Azul is chasing her dancing dream and came to Auckland in order to dance with world famous hip-hop dancer/choreographer Parris Goebel (who is an ex-Howick College student). Azul sucessfully auditioned for the Royal Family Varsity Mega Crew dance team and studied at Howick College while pursuing her passion for dance.


Read about Azul's dancing dream here.

Leslie - International Student Ambassador (China)

Leslie with the Mayor of Auckland, Mr Len Brown

Leslie was selected to be a student ambassador for the Auckland City Council. As an ambassador, Leslie had the opportunity to experience some of the fun activities and events that are available in Auckland. She then shared her experiences on the INAKL blog.

"I really love Howick College because the teachers are so friendly and patient with me. One thing I will never forget is that they gave me the opportunity to be an international student ambassador. It is the most amazing experience for me.

In addition, I think I have the most amazing homestay in Auckland. They help me to correct the grammar of the blog and they talk to me everyday to improve my English, teaching me how to swim, fishing, hiking and made me feel at home.

I really enjoy studying at Howick College."


Read Leslie's blog posts here:

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New Zealand playing in FIFA U-20 World Cup

Spotting whales and dolphins in Auckland 

Brianna - Top Student (China)

At the end of her two years at Howick College, Briana was the top student in English for New Settlers, and Statistics, and was also recognised for her service to the school with a Gold Service Award. She also gained two NCEA Scholarships (Statistics and Calculus) and was selected to take part in the Harvard/Yale Model United Nations conference (read about it here).


Vicente - Chile

"It was good to come to New Zealand because my English improved, and I made a lot of new friends.

I did Outdoor Education as a subject and really enjoyed it, because I went to different places in New Zealand.
My Homestay was great because they looked after me carefully."

Fah - Thailand

"When I first came to New Zealand I was so shy, and couldn’t speak English. I now have a lot of friends at Howick College,and have had a great experience.


I liked it here because New Zealand people are very friendly. I am proud that I have been able to study here. I am going to miss my friends here. Thank you Howick College."

Charlotte - Germany

"When I came to New Zealand, I was really excited and scared because my English wasn't really good. But everybody took good care of me and so I soon felt really at home. What I learned about getting friends is to just be open and always friendly.


Howick College gives you a lot of opportunities, so just take them because in the end something good will come out.


New Zealand is one of the most beautiful conutries and it has an interesting culture as well, so just try to see and learn as much as you can. Kiwis are also more open when you talk with them about their life and school, and I learned a lot. I made really good friends with Kiwis and other International Students."


Hiroe - Japan

"At Howick College, I joined the Japanese Club and I participated in the Food Festival with the other members. It was so interesting. I participated in Dance Night as well.


New Zealand's nature is so nice; there is a lot of green. People are kind too. I want to come back to New Zealand and I want to visit Howick College again one day."

Manoela - Brazil

"When I arrived, I thought it would be difficult to make friends, but the school made everything easy. We made good friends when we met the new Internationals and our buddies.


I really enjoyed my time here, I loved the school, the friends and my homestay. I'll never forget this incredible experience."

Sacha - Thailand

"It's worthwhile coming to New Zealand because my English improved a lot and I made a lot of new friends. Because my English is good now, I can return to good universities in Thailand.


My homestay was great because they became like my family and they looked after me carefully. I will miss them but I hope they will come and visit me"