Schedule of Tuition and Homestay costs

Tuition fees: 

Tuition fee

2020 - full year 



Tuition fee

2020 - 6 month semester



Tuition Fee

2020 - 1 term



Administration fee

*paid once, non-refundable


Homestay  Placement and Monitoring fee or

Designated Homestay Monitoring fee




Other costs: (depending on year level and subject choices):  

Travel & Medical Insurance - for 12 months

*insurance is compulsory / subject to change

$600 (Subject to change)

Uniform - compulsory for all year levels

(Students coming for 1 term, may wear their own uniform)

Approximately $400 - $500 for new uniform

Subject fees & school trips - vary depending on subjects taken

Outdoor Education (OED)

** see PDF below for 2020 OED costs and information

from $0 to $600.00


approximately $1,000 if all trips taken


Stationery & workbooks - vary depending on subject taken

from approximately $80.00 - $300.00

(see attached PDF for more details)

Locker rental (optional) $40.00 per year or $10.00 per term
NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) entry fee

Year 11, 12 and 13 (Levels 1, 2 and 3) $400

Scholarship $110per subject entered

Graphics Calulator - for Senior level maths $95.00
School camps - vary depending on subjects taken approximately $165.00 - $600.00
School trips approximately $15.00 - $30.00


** All costs are in New Zealand dollars (NZD)


Please see the first attached PDF for more detailed information on tuition fees and other related costs.


The second PDF gives approximate costs for Outdoor Education trips. This subject is optional for Senior students. Some trips are compulsory and must be paid for whether the student attends the trip or not.


Homestay Costs

Per week - includes: 3 meals per day / single room accommodation / laundry

* daily transport to/from school is NOT included

$290 for 2020


Arrival airport pick-up -

Additional airport pick-up or drop off -



Internet & landline phone charges.

* it is recommended that students purchase a mobile/cell phone on arrival

paid to homestay

Refund Of International Student Fees Procedure

The School will consider all requests for a refund of international student fees. Requests should be made in writing to the School as soon as possible after the circumstances leading to a request.

Please read the attached PDF for detailed information regarding the proceedure for requesting a refund of international student fees.



Howick College is required to ensure that all students’ fees are protected in the event that the school is unable to continue to offer tuition.

The Board of Trustees guarantees that students’ fees are separately coded, will not be spent in advance and will only be spent after the tuition has been received, thereby ensuring availability for refund.


Application and Registration Forms

To apply to study at Howick College, please go here.