Howick College Zone

The Home Zone for Howick College is defined as:

  • From Howick Beach due west through the intersection of Beach Rd (excluding the northern side) and up Uxbridge Rd (both sides included) to Picton St .
  • From Picton St - Uxbridge Rd intersection the boundary runs west to the intersection of Botany Rd and Pakuranga Rd , excluding Picton St and Ridge Rd but including all of the side streets to the south from Wellington St to Vincent Street.
  • From Howick Intermediate along Botany Rd (both sides excluded) to Millhouse Dr .
  • From Millhouse Dr along Botany Rd (both sides included) to the northern side of Ti Rakau Drive including Golflands Drive and all of its side streets.
  • Turn south-east from Botany Rd along Ti Rakau Dr (northern side included) to Chapel Rd.
  • From Ti Rakau Dr turn north-east along both sides of Chapel Rd (including Kingsgate Pl ) to Whitford Rd.
  • Continue east from Chapel Rd up Whitford Rd (both sides and The Mews are included) to Point View Dr (excluded).
  • Continue East along Whitford Rd to Whitford township including all of the side roads leading from both sides of Whitford Rd.
  • From Whitford Rd along Whitford-Maraetai Rd and Maraetai Beach Rd to the intersection with North Rd at Duders Beach.
  • All roads leading off Whitford-Maraetai and Maraetai Beach roads are included. All of the Beachlands and Maraetai townships are included.

For a more detailed map, please check the PDF below.  The zone map is provided online as a guide alternatively you can visit the following website: - search for Howick College to see our zone boundary.


Please feel free to contact the school office if you have any queries about the Howick College zone.

In-zone streets for Howick Urban Area


Abercrombie Street
Addis Place
Advene Road
Alexander Street
Alicia Road
Amadeus Place
Amber Wood
Amberwood Drive
Ambleside Place
Andrew Road
Aries Place
Arrathorne Place
Aspatria Place
Astoria Place
Auden Close
Avoca Road
Ayrshire Place


Baird Street
Bampton Rise
Bard Place
Baringa Place
Belgate Place
Belsera Court
Belsomet Court
Bemrose Place
Ben Nevis
Bert Wilson
Billabong Place
Binda Place
Birch Park
Bledisloe Street
Bob Charles
Booralee Avenue
Borrowdace Avenue
Botany Road
Bowscale Place
Braystones Place
Broadview Place
Bronte Place


Calender Place
Camerton Close
Camira Place
Campian Place
Cantora Avenue
Carriage Close
Casabella Court
Chale Place
Chapel Road
Chiana Place
Chisbury Terrace
Churchill Road
Cleary Terrace
Clipper Place
Clydesdale Avenue
Coates Road
Cockle Bay
Colleen Court
Cook Street
Corriedale Place

Corta Bella
Cosy Place
Covina Place
Crescent Hills
Culver Terrace
Currel Way
Cyclades Place

D - E

Dana Place
Daria Place
Diosma Place
Drake Street
Drysdale Place

Eaglen Place
Eastridge Court
Edendale Road
Edgar Pearce
Elliot Street
Els Close
Embleton Close
Emma Court
Estuary Views
Evelyn Road

F - G

Faldo Drive
Fencible Drive
Fenton Terrace
Fieldstone Court
Four Trees
Frank Nobilo

Gibraltar Street
Gillet Place
Glassonby Road
Golders Place
Golflands Drive
Gooch Place
Granger Road
Griggs Road

H - J

Hagen close
Haven Crest
Highgate Place
Holbrook Place
Howe Street
Island View
Jan Higgins
Jane Eyre
John Gill
John Lister
Jolyn Place
Judkins Crescent

K - L

Kadina Place
Kallaroo Place
Kayeleen Place
Kelly Place
Kentia Way
Kentville Place
Kerry Dell
Keswick Close
Kilimanjaro Drive 

Kingsgate Place
Kookaburra Place
Kurnell Drive

Kyeemagh Street
La Perouse
Larkin Place
Lastel Place
Leicester Parade
Liston Crescent
Litten Road
Luplau Crescent

M - N

Maroubra Place
Masefield Street
Matterhorn Crescent
Meadowlands Drive
Merino Avenue
Millhouse Drive
Minerva Terrace
Mirabell Place
Mirrabooka Avenue
Mission View
Montecito Place
Montgomery Road
Moore Street
Mt Blanc
Nagle Place
Nathan Close
Nelson Street
Nicholas Road
Northpark Avenue
Nypa Way

O - Q

Oakridge Way
Orangewood Drive
Orinda Close
Orohena Close
Pah Road
Pajaro Place
Paparoa Road
Parramatta Place
Pearson Road
Pebble Beach
Pegler Drive
Perendale Close
Photinia Place
Picton Street
Pintner Place
Pohutukawa Avenue
Pounamu Place
Puma Drive
Putter Place
Quibray Place

R - S

Ramoana Mews
Rangitoto View
Ravensdale Rise
Redcoat Place
Renlee Place
Renway Rise
Reydon Place
Robbies Road
Rochester Crescent
Rodney Street
Rosetta Court

Salas Place
Sale Street
San Luis
Sandalwood Place
Sandspit Road
Sea View
Selwyn Road
Seneca Court
Shannon Place
Sharples Place
Shelly Beach
Sherie Place
Simmental Crescent
Simon Owen
Sirius Place
Sligo Place
Somerville Road
Spalding Rise
Star Place
Stellamaris Way
Stevenson Way
Summermist Drive
Sunnyview Avenue

T - U

Taiko Court
Tainui Road
Tanglewood Place
Tarnica Road
The Glebe
The Green
The Mews
Thirlmere Rise
Tiger Drive
Tolben Place
Towra Place
Travers Place
Trelawn Place
Trident Place
Trovare Place
Tui Vale
Tumbridge Road
Uldale Place
Union Road
Uxbridge Road

V - Y

Valnera Close
View Road
Vincent Street
Waterloo Street
Wellington Street
West Fairway
Westview Court
Whites Road
Whitford Road
Wiltshire Place
Windsong Court
Winton Court
Wood Avenue
Woodgers Way
Yarlside Place
Yarra Place
Yeoman Place