All Howick College students are required to wear school uniform. Information can be found below regarding our uniform standards and where to purchase our school uniform.


Howick College is inclusive of our diversity and our school uniform are gender neutral.


The Howick College uniform consists of: 

   Years 9-12:

  • regulation blue striped shirt with
      Howick College crest

  • regulation charcoal/white pinstripe trousers or

  • regulation charcoal/white pinstripe skirt

  • regulation knee-high charcoal and red stripe sock, regulation black ankle socks, or black opaque stockings.







Year 13:

  • regulation white shirt with Howick College crest
  • regulation charcoal/white pinstripe trousers or shorts with black belt
  • regulation charcoal/white pinstripe skirt
  • regulation knee-high charcoal and red stripe socks, regulation black ankle socks, or black opaque stockings
  • Year 13 students may also choose to wear the formal blazer and school tie



** For colder weather, students have the choice of either the uniform jumper or jacket and an optional Howick College scarf is also available.

** PE uniform is regulation black shorts with Howick College crest and the regulation red and black sports top with Howick College crest.


School regulations only allow certain shoes - plain flat black leather lace-up shoes, some shoes with straps are allowed. In summer, students can choose to wear black roman sandals.
NO:  sports shoes, logos, coloured laces or stitching, boots, high heels, canvas shoes, ballet style shoes or shoes with elastic bands.

These shoes are all appropriate:



*Please make sure you only purchase shoes which fit the uniform code - do not waste your money buying the wrong shoes.
Socks: boys - regulation charcoal/maroon stripe socks and girls - black ankle socks.


Dress Uniform

Purpose: the dress uniform is reserved for students to wear at formal/special occasions and by senior students who symbolise excellence and leadership, eg: NCEA Excellence Endorsement Awardees; Premier Cultural and Sporting Representatives: BoT Student Trustee and House Leaders.
Students who require a dress uniform need to see the Student Office a few days before the uniform is required. 
You must return all items clean and in good condition the following day as other students may require them. Please note: you will be required to pay for any loss or damage to any item you have used.
If you require a blazer for the year or season, they are available for hire from the Student Office for a bond of $70 ($30 is refunded once your blazer is returned in good condition) or can be purchased new from NZ Uniforms for $135.
Dress Uniform
Regulation uniform skirt or trousers
Regulaton white blouse/shirt with crest
Black lace-up leather regulation school shoes 
Black socks or pantyhose
Regulation school tie
Regulation school blazer

PE & Sports Uniform

Students in Years 9, 10 & 11 must wear the Howick College PE uniform for all PE classes. The PE uniform consists of black shorts with the Howick College school crest and a red and white shirt.
Senior students are also required to wear PE uniform and have the option to purchase a black Howick College sport t-shirt via their PE teacher.
Sporting teams may require their own uniform. Details will be given by the Sports team manager.

Grooming Requirements

 For Students in Uniform
  • Shoes must be regulation black leather (see Shoes Section above for more details) clean, free of writing with the back of the shoe worn up and laces tied correctly
  • Skirts must be knee length
  • Hair ribbons/slides must be navy, white, grey or black. Extreme hair styles and/or unnatural colouring are unacceptable.
  • Male students must be clean shaven.
  • Jewellery should be minimal - one ring per hand, one very small gold/silver stud or sleeper earring in the lower ear, per ear. NO bracelets or necklace(s). NO facial jewellery, including the tongue. NO clear space retainers/keepers for facial piercings or multiple ear piercings.
  • Only school award badges may be worn.
  • Eye make-up and nail varnish are not permitted.
  • Sandals must be worn without socks or stockings and may not be worn with long trousers.
  • T-shirts/singlets worn under the school uniform must not be visible. Students will be asked to remove these if visible.
  • Trousers/shorts are to be worn so that the waistband sits at the waist.
For  Mufti Days
The standard of grooming must be appropriate for a co-educational school setting and have regard for safety in specialist classrooms. This means:
  • No worn out or dirty clothing or clothing with pictures or writing that may offend e.g. references to alcohol, drugs, gangs, rude slogans etc
  • No facial jewellery, including tongue or nose studs, or any visible body piercing
  • No singlets or very low cut or strapless tops or tops which expose the midriff
  • No skimpy skirts or shorts
  • No facial hair
  • No caps or beanies worn in class
  • No bare feet or rubber/plastic jandals

Where to Buy Uniforms

Howick College uniforms are purchased from NZ Uniforms. The shop is located at: Unit B, 16 Bishop Dunn Place, Botany (by Mitre 10 Mega)

Click here to view their website.

The shop is open 6 days per week, making it easier to purchase uniforms at a convenient time.

Opening Hours are:
Weekdays: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm  
Ph: 281-3531 /

Second hand Uniforms

Second hand  uniforms are available to sell or buy via UniformMe - an online uniform shop where you can register items to sell or search for items to buy. You can find out more here:


If you have items you wish to sell, please post them to the UniformMe Howick College section for others to search for.