Enrol to Study at Howick College

Unlike other schools, we do not operate a postal enrolment system. We value the face to face enrolment meeting. 


The enrolment meeting with a staff member gives parents/caregivers and students the opportunity to ask questions and discuss things in person. This is particularly important for making the School aware of both special talents and interests or difficulties relating to learning which can help us better meet the needs of individual students. 


Enrolment packs for 2020 are now available at the School's Reception Office.


Enrolment packs, including forms and information booklet, will also be distributed to contributing schools (Somerville Intermediate, Howick Intermediate, Beachlands School, Maraetai Beach School) and some local out-of-zone schools. Please feel free to contact us on (09) 534 4492 or email reception@howick.school.nz to request an enrolment pack.

In Zone Enrolment Meetings for Year 9 2020

All enrolment applications are processed at our In Zone Enrolment Meetings.


Final In Zone Enrolment Meeting:

All new students to Howick College must attend an enrolment meeting with a senior staff member of the college. This is an opportunity for the student and family to have face to face contact with the college to answer any questions and ensure the transition into Howick College is as smooth as possible. A legal parent or guardian must accompany students to the enrolment meeting.


The FINAL In Zone Enrolment Meetings for the 2020 intake will be held on Tuesday 13 August from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. As numbers are limited, please ensure you register for one of the following time slots.


You will need to bring the following proof of address and photo identification along with all the forms required:


Proof of Identity and Guardianship

New Zealand-born students must include a copy of either their Birth Certificate or their Passport in with their enrolment forms (staff will not be able to photocopy). Students born outside New Zealand must provide a copy of their parent’s Passport and their own Passport. If a visa is required this must be up to date. If there are any custodial arrangements with court orders or intervention by Oranga Tamariki a copy of appropriate documentation needs to be provided.


The primary caregiver must be the natural parent or legal guardian.


In-Zone Students Eligibility


Students who, on the first day of attendance, are living permanently within the Howick College zone boundaries and who meet the criteria for a State-funded education are entitled to attend Howick College.


The zone boundaries are defined HERE with a list of streets and the zone map or a copy can be picked up from the school's Reception Office.


The primary caregiver must be the natural parent or legal guardian. Where the child is living with relatives who are not the natural parent then the caregiver must provide evidence of legal guardianship. With regard to complex custody arrangements, the Board reserves the right to consider guardianship verification on a case by case basis.


All In-Zone families must produce evidence of living permanently with the zone of Howick College through the following:


All In-Zone families who own their home must produce:


1. A sale and purchase agreement or council rates; AND

2. A recent electricity invoice.


All In-Zone families who are renting must produce the following as verification of living in-zone:

1. A fixed term rental agreement of a council approved rateable dwelling, that is valid during the period of the first day the student commences school; AND

2. A recent electricity invoice or verification from an electrical supplier; AND

3. A bond lodgement receipt from the Department of Building & Housing.

4.  Where families are unable to verify their ‘In-Zone’ residence at time of enrolment then we may consider:

  • A Statutory Declaration, verifying that information provided in the official enrolment form is true. This declaration is made under the conditions of the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957, and must be accompanied by a utility account (i.e. fixed phone homeline and/or internet) or a copy of the Post Office mail re-direction receipt, along with a copy of the “Final Reading” electricity account of their previous address. Documents must show exact name/address.

Out-of-zone Enrolments for Year 9, 2020

Applications for out-of-zone enrolments are provisional pending a ballot for places. The ballot is drawn under police supervision and is drawn according to the below priorities.


Out-of-zone prospective students please note:

  • enrolments are provisional pending a ballot.
  • applications for out-of-zone enrolments close on: Wednesday 4th September.
  • a ballot will be drawn on Wednesday 11th September. Successful applicants will be notified shortly after the ballot and will need to come in to the school to complete their enrolment. The ballot is drawn under police supervision.


Out-of-zone enrolment interviews for those successful in the ballot: 
Thursday 26th September from 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Please attend with your child and bring:
  • A copy of your child's birth certificate (if born in New Zealand) OR copies of your child's passport with picture page and resident visa or student visa, together with copies of parent's passports with picture page and visa.
  • Completed application form.
  • Please present the above to ensure an enrolment interview for your child.


Order of Ballot priority -
First priority - any applicant who is the sibling of a current student

Second priority - any student who is the sibling of a former student

Third priority - any applicant who is a child of a former student

Fourth priority - any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board or a child of a member of the board

Fifth priority - all other applicants



Late Enrolments for 2019

Should you still need to enrol your child for 2019, please read the following:


For In Zone Students:

Please contact the school office to arrange a time for you and your child to meet with a senior staff member.

You will need to bring:

  • all completed enrolment forms;
  • two proof of address documents - one MUST be an electricity invoice (no more than two months old), plus, a sale and purchase agrement or rates bill (if you own your home) OR a rental agreement (if you rent your home);
  • the child's New Zealand passport or birth certificate (if born in New Zealand) OR the child's passport with a current/valid permanent residency/Visa (if born outside New Zealand) and parent's passport with current permanent residency/Visa.


For Out of Zone Students:

We are no longer accepting Out of Zone enrolments for 2019.



General Information

For a quick guide to the enrolment process go to the General Enquiries section. 


Also in this section are:

  • instructions on how to make out-of-zone enrolments
  • information on Donations and Costs
  • information on issues related to Immigration 


Zone Boundaries

If you want to check to see if you live in the Howick College Home Zone go to Zone Boundaries.

Both new and old zones are described; if your street forms the boundary of the zone it is best to read the description to make sure your side of the street is in-zone.


Enrolment Forms

A variety of forms, contracts and questionnaires may need to be completed for enrolment, depending on the applicant's year level, caregiver status etc.

The Enrolment Application Form and other relevant forms are included in the enrolment pack. 

Translations of important information into Chinese and Korean are also available here.


International Students

Foreign Fee-payer enrolment information, application form and the procedures for applying for Homestay and/or Tuition can be found in the International section.



Some answers to frequently asked questions.



Year 9 and Year 10 subject choices can be viewed in the curriculum section.