Our Year 9 camps take place during Term 4. Each House spends two nights and three days at our school camp at Waharau on the Firth of Thames. Usually, one of these nights is spent on an 'out camp' in tents and the other night is spent in dormatory style accomodation.


 We expect all Year 9 students to attend camp as this meets the Ministry of Education requirement for Outdoor Education. The activities provided on camp offer each student an opportunity to challenge themselves, grow in confidence and develop new physical and social skills.

  • Parents will each receive detailed information and a medical/consent which will be sent home with your child from 2 September 2019 - please check with your child around this date.
  • The letter will answer any questions you may have about camp and advise who to contact if there is anything you wish to follow up.  We would be grateful for the prompt return of the medical/consent form. 
  • Invoices will be emailed to parents/caregivers of Year 9 students which include the Year 9 camp fee.


Cost and Payment for Camp:

The cost for 2019 Year 9 camp is: $210.

This includes transport to and from camp, accomodation, food and all activities and resources.

Payment is due by: Friday 18 October 2019.  If you would like to pay instalments by internet banking, the details are on your statement.


To get an idea of some of the fun had on camp, please click here to go to the photo gallery, then click on the drop down arrow and select the 2018 Year 9 Camp photos.

Camp Dates for 2019...

Irvine Tues 19 Nov - Thurs 21 Nov
Bacot Thurs 21 Nov - Sat 23 Nov
Minerva Sat 23 Nov - Mon 25 Nov
Ingham Mon 25 Nov - Wed 27 Nov
MacDonald Wed 27 Nov - Fri 29 Nov
Bell Fri 29 Nov - Sun 1 Dec