Students studying in the Social Sciences Learning Area will gain a broad understanding of society and the environment so that they may take their full place within it as confident, informed, and responsible participants.

Social Science subjects include studies on:

  • people from different cultures, times, and places
  • human behaviour and different values and viewpoints
  • the rights, roles and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society
  • the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand's bicultural heritage and multi-cultural society
  • peoples' relationship with and impact on the environment; global issues
  • approaches to problem solving
  • skills in research, information technology, critical and creative thinking, communication and social participation.

Social Studies / Geography / History / Tourism

Teaching Staff

Ms Katherine Mitchell- HOLA Social Sciences/HOD History
Miss Savannah Jones - Asst HOLA Social Science
Ms Pat Urwin - HOD Geography
Whaea Katarena Bisset - TiC Sociology

Miss Rachel Atkinson 
Miss Kelsey Dalton 
Ms Teresa Earl 
Mr Matteus Elling
Mr Nathan Kerr
Ms Briar Kingston
Ms Anna Marsick
Ms Janne Wallace
Mrs Janice Wright 
Ms Taylor Woodmass