Howick College is proud to be selected as one of the first eight schools in New Zealand to be part of the Sport in Education (SIE) project. SIE contributes to improved academic, social and sporting outcomes for schools and their students by using sport as a context for learning and student engagement.

Sport has generally been promoted for its positive impact on young people's physical health but an increasing body of international evidence suggests that increased participation in sport and physical activity can also lead to improved academic and social outcomes, benefitting students, schools and communities. 
Launched in 2013 as a three year trial, the SIE project philosophy was to develop, trial and evaluate approaches to deliver improved outcomes that will then be made available to all schools. Sport NZ led the project with the support and involvement of the MoE, NZ Qualifications Authority, NZ Council for Education research, NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council and the NZ Olympic committee.
After very successful trial which saw student achievement and engagement increase, SiE is now a permanent part of Howick College's curriculum and continues to deliver positive learning outcomes for our SiE students.

 The initiatives and aims of the SiE project include:

  • developing teaching and assessment resources in Maths, English, Social Sciences and PE using sport as a context to engage students in learning
  • developing an associated professional development support programme
  • resourcing a dedicated PE leader within the school to provide professional development and assist with the introduction of new teaching practices
  • linking secondary schools and clusters of primary schools, where secondary PE experts can provide professional development and support to primary school teachers
  • delivering a student leadership programme in secondary schools, focussing on coaching, and utilise these leaders/coaches in primary schools
  • incorporating the values and characteristics of sport into the school environment – e.g. teamwork, rules, respect and leadership
  • enhancing links to the wider school community, including families - improve facility utilisation and access, establish school-community/club/RST partnerships and establish sports councils.
For further information please contact the SiE Director:

SIEP In Action

SIEP: supporting the community and engaging classroom learning

At Howick, we are focussing on five work-streams:

Sport and Curriculum - two Year 9 Sports pathways classes have been formed from students who have shown real passion and expertise in sport. They receive extra PE lessons each week to support them on the road to success. We are also trialling sports contextualised classes in English and Maths and next year, the two Y 10 classes will stay together for PE, English, Maths and Science and will be using sport as the context for learning.  
Student leadership -  Volunteer Saturday Sports ambassadors have improved the ‘Saturday experience’ for our students, their parents/caregivers, and our opposition teams. Growing Coaches, a curriculum aligned coaching programme will provide our senior students with the skills and capabilities required for coaching children. These student coaches will then coach students in our primary schools.
Primary/Intermediate connections - We are developing closer links with our Feeder schools where some of our PE teachers are providing professional development and support to primary/Intermediate teachers. One teacher has also been teaching Basketball for Y3/4 students at Cockle Bay and have been coaching Football at Somerville Intermediate.
Community links - Stronger relationships are being forged with a number of our local sporting clubs, including: Fencibles FC (where a number of our students have successfully completed coaching qualifications); Howick and Pakuranga Netball, Rugby; Beachlands/Maraetai Rugby. A number of companies are also assisting with sponsorship.
School culture/values - We are going to be using Sport as a vehicle to re-launch our school values- the 3 Cs-commitment, courtesy, citizenship. Projects are underway which will enable us to incorporate the values and characteristics of sport into our school environment (teamwork, rules, respect and leadership).

AIMS Games and Howick College

The AIMS Games (Association of Intemediate and Middle Schools) is the largest sports gathering anywhere in New Zealand. As part of the Sport In Education Project, Howick College has been supporting our neighbours Somerville Intermediate at the games in Mt Maunganui. PE teacher and SIEP Assistant Mr Peacock, accompanied the school as coach of the Girls Football team.


"The games are an amazing spectable with over 160 schools competing. Somerville performed with pride and demonstrated great sportsmanship - it was wonderful to see two local schools working together, and I look forward to next year"


Find out more about the AIMS Games here.