"Howick College provides a high quality education. Students engage positively with a curriculum that supports and strengthens their learning. A school-wide focus on student wellbeing underpins the school's educational vision. School leaders and teachers are highly committed to fostering each individual's present and future potential." ERO, 2015

"Howick College's curriculum is deliberately and thoughtfully designed to cater for students' diverse interests, strengths and abilities..." ERO 2012.


Few schools offer the breadth of curriculum choice (both in and outside of the classroom) that we have at Howick College. We understand that each student has their own interests, strengths and ambitions, and our curriculum choices, especially in the Senior school reflect this.


The emphasis in the Junior school is to provide a sound foundation of learning across a broad range of subjects. In the Senior school Howick College offers the National Certificates in Educational Achievement (NCEA Levels 1-3).


Howick College has been recognised by Microsoft as one of two Pathfinder schools in New Zealand for its rich ICT environment based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Ultrafast Broadband capability enables staff and students to take full advantage of the opportunities to meet individual students' needs and interests made possible via the internet.


Our participation in SIE (Sport In Education) and the establishment of a Sports Pathway programme is allowing selected students to engage with our curriculum meaningfully within a sporting context with the aim of lifting achievement for them. The TradesPath programme Year 12 similarly provides focussed training for students who are preparing to embark on apprenticeships.


Within our curriculum, provision is made to support students who have specific learning needs; be they gifted and talented, ESOL learners or special needs students. Our Awhina Learning Department is acknowledged by the Education Review Office as among the best in the country.


To find out more on what Howick College has to offer, visit the Curriculum Pathways Information here.