Learning in science is fundamental to understanding the world in which we live and work. Science raises questions, clarifies ideas and enables students to use their findings to establish the worth of an idea.

 Qualifications in science are the basis for a wide range of university and other tertiary courses, which in turn lead to employment opportunities in science, technology and related fields.

All students are expected to study science in Years 9 to 11. This then leads to specialisation into one or more of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Years 12 and 13.


General Science / Biology / Chemistry / Physics

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Teaching Staff

Mr Richard Henty - HOLA Science 

Ms Kirsty Clearwater - Assistant HOLA Science - HOD Biology
Ms Farhana Aiyaaz - HOD Chemistry

Mr Chris Smith - HOD Physics

Mrs Farah Al-Obidi - TiC Senior Science


Ms Sidra Ali

Ms Laura Allen

Mrs Lameez Belcher

Mr Stanley Chang

Mrs Sue Duffell

Ms Kim Hayter
Mr Bryan Machin

Mr William McSweeney

Ms Ranji Prakash
Ms Kimberleigh Sparrow

Miss Carolle Varughese

Ms Laura Ward
Mr Tinui Willing
Mr Jeremy Wing




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